Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Double Whammy!

Last night, Jason and I had 8th row seats to the most coveted show in town - Wicked. How do I put this? It. Was. Unbelievable. I was absolutely entranced the whole time. I laughed! I cried! I cheered! And for the first time in ages, I didn't really know the story going into it. Which made it all the better...

As if an amazing night at the theatre wasn't enough, I then had my very first official London celebrity sighting!!! (If you don't count my close brush with the Princes at Windsor Castle - see February archives. Which I don't because I didn't actually see them. I just walked right past them.) So Jason and I were exiting the theatre and, since I try to avoid crowd situations at all cost, we left via a small side entrance, which turned out to be right by the stage door. After we made our way through everyone waiting for cast autographs and were finally in the clear and walking down the sidewalk, I start digging in my purse for my mobile and Jason says (in a really low voice), "Hey, check it out. Look. Check out who it is." I look up and I'm face-to-face with...wait for it...Zach Braff!! As in Scrubs! As in Garden State! As in last week's "I'm Crushing"!!! And since my surprise was clearly registered on my face, this is what I figure Zach came face-to-face with:

Fetching, no? Not exactly how I want to look when coming face-to-face with one of the many men in my life.

Regardless, I was insanely excited for my first real celebrity sighting. And in case you're wondering girls.... He was soooooooo cute in person. And it made him even cuter that he was going to the queue outside the stage door to wait for cast autographs.

P.S. We made the decision to not take a photo because we didn't want to be "those people".


Monique said...

I kid you not, I was just reading an article about him in Glamour this morning! WOW - that's a great spotting! Good to here the show is fab as well, it's on my TOO SEE list:)

andrea said...

I am so glad you loved Wicked, I told you that you would, it is SUCH a good show!

And um, Zach Braff? I would have been one of those people, you are better than me!

The very nice man said...

Zach Braff??
How cool is that?!!
We have only just re-viewed the whole series 4 of Scrubs on DVD and are still smiling about it!
Thanks for the "wicked" tip! I can feel a theatre visit coming on!

Beth said...

Holy mother of god, Zach Braff?! I probably would have died at his feet! My mom and I are hoping to catch Wicked in February. I can only hope that maybe Josh Hartnett or Eric Bana will show up on my day!