Monday, October 02, 2006


Evidently, the vidoes I posted last week couldn't be viewed becuase I had marked them as private on my You Tube account. Of course, I had absolutely NO idea since NONE of you freaks shared this news with me until Monique came to the rescue on Friday afternoon. So, I have re-marked them as public and could someone, ANYONE let me know if they work now? I would be forever grateful to you, my humble constituents...

Oh, and P.S... Photos from from Jason's Super-dee-super, weekend-long, birthday celebration extravaganza spectacular will be coming soon! (But maybe not till tomorrow because he's decided to extend the birthday celebration extravaganza spectacular into today and has taken the day off. Wheeee! Monday-Funday in full effect. Check it.)

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Monique said...

YAY! it works! You actually have to click on the video and watch it through you tube's website (it says you don't allow embedding - or something?) But anyhow - very funny!

I'm going to have to see if I can now figure this you tube thing out and try to upload some videos from this weekend!!!