Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm trippin' yo.

Ok humble constituents. We're going to mix it up here at the Nutshell. New vacay photo format. There are many photos I want to share so I think I'm going to do this bit-by-bit. Today, I present to you..............The first bit. Versailles! Holler!

Upon unpacking, I discover that in my haste to fill up my suitcase, I have packed some items which are similar to one another. In my defense, I present three points:
1. I did wear each and every one of them
2. Each is a bit different. One has 3/4 sleeves which makes it perfect for layering. One is long and belted which makes it perfect for layering. And one has suede elbow patches which makes it perfect for, ummmm, wellllll, whatever - I just like the elbow patches okay? And apparently for layering as you will see in the photos below.
3. I was trying to bring items all in the brown family so I only had to bring my brown boots. (Nevermind the fact that I tossed in my black boots in a wardrobe panic/meltdown at the last second when our car pulled up to take us to Waterloo station.)

I shall caption it: "Oh fark! I don't know if I brought enough cream cardigans!!!"

After getting settled in, we went to check out the Chateau de Versailles. They had rowboats you could take around the canal that one of the Louis (the VIII? the XIV? the XVI? I don't remember.) had dug for the main purpose of throwing boat parties.

A view of the palace from the water.

I told Jason to look like a P-I-M-P for his photo in front of the Grand Trianon because it was it was apparently where Louis liked to entertain his mistresses. Bad boy.

"Work it, work it... Now show me pouty and angry. That's it... You better work."

"Now give me sweet and likeable..."

Check it out. Even the French like redneck Myrtle Beach style airbrush designs!

Break on through to the other side. Of the tree stump.

Fall! Glorious Fall!!

Some photos of the gardens...

And one of the sunset reflecting on the roof of the chapel:

Dawn breaking in Versailles... I got up with Jason every morning to have breakfast in our room and this was the view out the window. This is my favorite time of day. It feels so peaceful.

This cracked me up. So, upon my return from my daytrip to the Champs Elysees, I was craving a fountain soda. Where better to get a fountain soda than McDonald's? Or McDo as the French call it. Tres bizarre, no? In the States and the UK, we get Monopoly. In France, they get UNO! (Piochez ici! = Pick here!)

So that's Versailles in a nutshell. I've been your guide, Heather and I hope you've enjoyed your tour. Tips are always accepted and appreciated. I accept Euros, Pounds, US Dollars, and Sephora gift cards.

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip coming soon to a Nutshell near you!


Mom said...

Sounds like you had a nice time and the pictures are great! Welcome back! Love you both!

A Novelist said...

I love the pictures you took from the gardens. Absolutely gorgeous! Also, I'm glad someone else shares my logic in packing clothes for a trip. Guys just don't understand that we just HAVE to bring multiple shirts/sweaters in the same color because of the style. You're brilliant. And cream is perfect for this time of year...

I'm glad you had a good time. :)

Aisby said...

You can never have too many cream cardigans. Why is not understood that we need 10 tops in our favorite colors...moods change, the weather changes...we girls have to be PREPARED!!!

Beth said...

Your pics are amazing!! And to point to a very strange coincidence, I was dying for a fountain soda today! A friend brought me Coke in a can and I was kind of rude and went "What is this? I wanted the kind that comes out of the nozzle, over ice." Then I felt like that was much too much description for a simple Coke!

Monique said...

LOL! your writing is hilarious - and the pics are fantastic!!!!