Sunday, October 29, 2006

An interesting tag from Beth

Well, I was trying to post the last of our holiday pics but Blogger is being a big ol' bee-yatch and won't upload photos. So, I'll take a break from that and do this tag.

Do You Like the Look and the Contents of Your Blog?

Sure. I like pink. So there's that. And I like all the ideas I've had for my sidebar content.

Does Your Family Know About Your Blog?

Yes. The main purpose of starting this thing was to keep family and friends updated on our adventures over here in London. But it's grown from that into a catch-all for everything I like, dislike, think is funny, think is stupid, etc.

Can You Tell Your Friends About Your Blog? Do You Consider It A Private Thing?

Not private at all. I mean, it's out there on the internet. Why put it out there if you want it private? I don't get that.

Do You Just Read the Blogs of Those Who Comment on Your Blog? Or Do You Try to Discover New Blogs?

I don't really go looking for blogs to read because I spend enough time online as it is reading my "dailys". But if someone comments and I check theirs out and like it, I'll bookmark it.

Did Your Blog Positively Affect Your Mind? Give An Example.

My answer is almost identical to Beth's here. When bad stuff happens, I always think, "Well, this will make an amusing blog post at least..." And I can generally turn it into something realtively funny. If you think harmless bitchiness is funny...

What Does the Number of Visitors to Your Blog Mean? Do You Use a Traffic Counter?

I do use a counter. I get pretty excited when I get a lot of hits honestly. I know it's silly but I relish it. I can't believe so many people out there think what I have to say is funny/amusing enough to come back and back...

Do You Imagine How Other Bloggers Look?


Do You Think Blogging Has Any Real Benefit?

Hells yeah. It's a release for me. I also think that when this experience of living abroad is over, it'll be really nice to have a journal of all our adventures and even just the random stupid stuff we do.

Do You Think That the Blogsphere is a Stand Alone Community Separated from the Real World?

I don't think "blogosphere" is a word.

Do Some Political Blogs Scare You? Do You Avoid Them?

Yes and yes. I don't care what your political views are. You don't care what mine are. For me, blogs are for funny stuff.

Do You Think That Criticizing Your Blog is Useful?

No. It's just for fun. It wouldn't be fun anymore if it was associated with criticism.

Have You Ever Thought About What Would Happen to Your Blog If You Died?

Good God no. I reckon people would visit it every now and then and say "Damn I wish she hadn't died. She was pretty funny sometimes. I mean who else would put a sock on their hand and act like it was a snake? Who else would re-create a girl falling off a treadmill? Who else would climb in and out of a grill box and film it?"

Which Blogger Had the Greatest Impression on You?

Well, I really like blogs by people who I think are articulate and funny in a clever way. So I don't know if it's an impression, persay but I probably relate the most to Beth's and Andrea's. They both seem to use their blogs the same way use mine - as a platform for totally useless, yet absurdly entertaining content.

Which Blogger Do You Think is the Most Similar to You?

I defer to my answer directly above.

Name A Song You Want to Listen To?

Hmmm, that's a pretty random question. I reckon I'll go with This Time of Year by Better Than Ezra. It always gives me the "warm fuzzies".


Beth said...

Awwww, bless. ;)

Catherine said...

Hey, I've had "This Time of Year" in my head for days now! I often wake up with it in my head. How bizarre!

Heather said...

Cat - that is crazy! You and I are sharing a brain. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

andrea said...

I second Beth, awwww...I could only wish to be as witty and funny and snarky as you!