Saturday, October 07, 2006

The most perfect-est Saturday ever

Today was one of those beautiful Autumn days that makes me want to never ever ever leave this city. Crisp, sunny, breezy, bright and pretty much perfect. And for some reason, this sort of fall weather makes me think of Borough Market and shopping for pumpkins and other miscellaneous fall-ish type items. So off we went to the other side of London to partake in such activities. First stop was at one of the stalls for some immediate gratification - pork baguettes with stuffing. Mmmm. It's like Thanksgiving in a bun.

The Great Pumpkins

Oh the cheese. The parmigiano reggiano cheese. The food of the gods.

We bought a wedge of it and I started eating it as we were walking around the market and could. not. stop. The yumminess was great and I was weak.

See that? 1900.00 quid for a kilo of white truffle. That's one thousand and nineteen hundred GBP folks. We asked about how much one normal sized one would be and she told us about 20 quid.

The chef in action picking out fresh ingredients for dinner.

Where we got our roast beef.

Another thing fall weather makes me want - a perfect pour of Guiness. This is one of the most famous pubs in London - The Anchor. It's been around since Shakespeare's time and since the original Globe theatre was quite close to here, word on the street is that Shakespeare and the actors in his company would come here to relax and run lines with one another.

Seriously. That view of St. Paul's dome from our table on the pub patio looks fake doesn't it? That's how perfect it was outside today.

And then there was this. On our way out of the market back o the Tube, we came across this parade/protest thingy. We were told it was the Cleaner's Union and they were protesting immigrant workers being exploited or something. To be honest, I'm not sure. As you can see from the signs, there were mixed messages. And I was kind of busy eating my cheese.

Jason was digging into his bag of mushrooms while we were waiting on the Jubilee line platform. Gross.

And tonight, after mealing out on the roast beef and vegetables prepared by my personal chef, we decided to play another round of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition.

Do you even have to ask who won?

I will be the first to admit that I had some VERY lucky rolls of the dice and made this game my bitch in record time tonight. Our play time usually runs around 2 - 2.5 hours. This game? 35 minutes. Flat.


andrea said...

Okay, another too weird to be true incident - my day? Spent at St Pauls Cathedral followed up by a perfect pint at, you guessed it, The Anchor! See, great minds do think alike!

Beth said...

Larry eats raw mushrooms too. It kind of grosses me out. I like to tell him he can get foot-and-mouth disease that way, but I'm not actually sure it's true. He doesn't know that though...

Heather said...

Andrea - NO WAY! How funny is that?

Beth - I will have to try that one on Jason. He's a MAJOR germ and disease-o-phobe. Knowing him though, he'd look it up and prove me wrong. But if you're lucky enough to have a trusting husband, power to you ;-)

Monique said...

wow sounds like a fantastic weekend! love the pics!