Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Apology

Dear Blog Friend-type-people,

Please know that I have been reading your blogs daily. I have not been commenting because I am so busy that my head is spinning. I feel bad for not commenting seeing as how I yelled at people a while back for this very thing. So please have sympathy. For Jason and I are on the verge of homelessness if I don't find us a place to live pronto. My life is nothing but a whirlwind of estate agents and reading with kids and laundry at the moment.

I promise to resume commenting as soon as I procure a "2 bedroom flat, within easy walking distance of Richmond station and all the shops and restaurants of Richmond Village, with wood floors, that preferably doesn't look like it was used as a crack den prior to vacancy of previous tenants, that has at least one bathroom which is free of growing bacteria and spores, and is under one million pounds per month". Wish me luck!

Yours in bloggy-ness,


Beth said...

Oh man, good luck. And if you do have to lower your standards and accept a moldy shower, remember that gallon after gallon of uncut bleach will work wonders. Just vacate the apartment for the weekend!

Heather said...

Thanks for the tip Beth. Hopefully I won't need it.

Brent S. said...

Hi Heahter,

I love your blog. My wife and I just returned to the States yesterday from a 1-week flat-hunting trip in London. I must say it turned into a 1-week bender. We found drinking-in-excess to be the best palliative to the emotional swings of flat-hunting. Perfect but too pricey...and I mean tooooooo pricey (how can you really charge 3 times the average annual salary of a person in the U.S. for what looks like a walk-in closet!) or affordable but looks like it was previously inhabited by a fraternity (a very small fraternity). In the end, we absolutely love London and several nights of severe drinking and rationalization led us to the first option. We found a great place in Marylebone...who really needs to eat more than one meal a day and we're not driving so no insurance and gas costs, and we really don't need to have our Westie groomed as often as we do, and surely I can cut back on my Starbucks habit, and and and and and....another pint please! of luck and thanks for the great blog!


Beth said...

And if you have it over there, the green bottle of Dettol does the same job. Again, get Jason to whisk you away for a mini-break during its application because remember, mini-breaks mean true love!

Monique said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

Thanks Brent! I feel your pain, really I do. I was in your position just over one year ago. I was coming from Raleigh, NC and a nice house in a subdivision so boy was I in for a shock! We also chose to turn to heavy drinking in order to dull the pain that is known as London real estate. Have fun and enjoy your stay here!