Monday, November 27, 2006

Could it be?

Could we have found our perfect flat??? We've put in an offer on a place so everyone pretty please cross your fingers and toes and whatever else you can cross that everything goes smoothly and we can move in after holiday break.

It's so preshus, our little flat. It's right outside Richmond Station so a perfect location and it's got a little garden and even a conservatory! And the bathroom is big! Like, really big for a London flat! And clean! So clean! Nary a spore growing in sight!

So, if all goes well with the offer today, I'll be back to my old posting habits. You lucky duckies, you.

In the meantime, here's something for you to chew on...

Sunday morning, it was as nasty as it gets outside. Rain lashing against the windows and it even started hailing at one point! So we did what any normal young couple with no kids would do and stayed in our jammies till lunchtime, made coffee and bacon, and bedded down in front of the laptop and played on the internet. Turns out, the internet is a pretty vast reservoir for useless but interesting and often funny bits and pieces of info. You knew this already?

Anyway, somehow we ended up at and typed in our names just for fun, not really expecting results. Well, color me surprised! Here's the most popular definition of "Heather":


1) An awesome chick who is totally spontanious and extremely loveable. The greatest girl you can meet.
2)A crazy chick who will do anything

Useage: "That girl is very heather."

I kid you people not. Look it up. I swear.


Beth said...

Good luck with the flat! I'm afraid to type in Beth, because even worse than it not being there would be a definition like "This is a grandmother's names. Beths are most likely bun-wearing librarians who smell like mothballs."

andrea said...

My name means a man wearing a pink shirt. Huh.

Good luck with the flat - I hope you get it and if so I can't wait to see it!

A Novelist said...

Good luck on apartment hunting...I hope this new place works out for you. Also I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. :)

Monique said...

OHHHHHHHHHH GOOD LUCK!!!! I hope you get the flat:)

Aisby said...

Did you get it?

I, apparently, am undefined.

Heather said...

Not yet. I'm so sick of this bullshit.