Monday, November 13, 2006

Gloomy and gloomier

Well, I'm not quite sure what Jason and I have done to screw up our karma, but we've definitely pissed off somthing/someone out there. We've had a string of bad luck lately starting with me getting ripped off on eBay trying to buy a vintage bag, continuing last week with me leaving my mobile on the train, and culminating (hopefully) in Jason getting his less-than-one-month-old Dior wallet (that I got him for our anniversary) stolen. All in all, these ordeals will wind up costing us upwards of 400.00 quid. WTF???

Anyway, prior to our discovery of the missing wallet on Sunday morning, we did manage to have a most excellent time Saturday night at a club in East London called Feeling Gloomy. The DJ plays all "depressing" 90's music like Violent Femmes, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, The
Pixies, No Doubt, Pet Shop Boys, etc. It was a total blast and they even had an air band called "The Miserables". It was hilarious! One of the guitarists even brought out a Fisher Price "amp" with him. We were crying laughing.

I shall now take you on a tour of the evening. Let's start at the beginning. Looking relatively sober... And clever enough to do the frowny face photos.

A shot of the crowd.

Getting there.

Getting closer. Notice the scrunched up "I'm totally rocking out!" face.

Sooooo there! Nice pink bra peeking out there.

Some pics of the air band.

About three miles past "there". The air guitarist asked who was ready to rock out one more time and that's me saying "Me. I'm ready to rock out one more time. As you can see, I am fully prepared to be rocked." Somewhere along the way, I lost my ponytail holder. Possibly as I was cranking it out during Mr. Brightside by The Killers. (I stole this from their website by the way...)

And the coup de grace. 3:30 AM. Passed out on the sofa with my hand in a bag of Doritos. Swell.

After waking up to discover Jason had been pick-pocketed, we drug ourselves to McDonald's for some grease to soak up the alcohol. When even that didn't make us feel better, we decided what this situation called for was a trip to Partridge's. A very posh-y, yuppie little market that sells (amongst other things) American products at exorbitant prices to expats with money to burn. We paid 20.00 GBP (that's nearly $40.00) for this haul that included Goldfish, grape jelly, Jif Extra Crunchy peanut butter, 2 boxes of mac n' cheese, 2 Sam Adams lagers, crackers, and a packet of SweeTarts which are not pictured here because I ate them on the bus home.

Jason left today to go to Japan. That means I consumed roughly half of the above pictured items for dinner tonight.


Beth said...

It's the November nasties. After the fabulousness of October, nothing but nastiness comes next. I can't believe you guys got pick pocketed though, that's awful. I hope the Sam Adams helped.

A Novelist said...

Oh no! I am so sorry for your recent string of bad luck! I hope things get better. The Sam will definitely help!! :)

Aisby said...

What a fun club...I think.
I do believe I would pay 40 buck for some goldfish if I was that hung over.