Wednesday, November 29, 2006

He won the battle, but the war wages on

What happens when you buy something at Boots and come home and toss it on one of the kitchen chairs and forget about it till the next day? In an ordinary household, likely nothing. But in MY household, you add one very curious kitty to the equation and here's what you get:

Mass destruction. A blood bath. Casualties. All caused by this little creature:

(By the way, he isn't deformed. I caught him mid-lick so his tongue is covering the bottom half of his face.)

Elwin: 1
Inanimate objects: 0

Rest in peace little Boots bag. Rest in peace.


Monique said...

LOL! Well I just hope he didn't ruin anything IN the bag!

Jules & Paul said...

He is too funny! The shredded plastic bag is just crazy. Your cats are so cute! Do they have any interest in your Christmas tree or wrapped gifts?

A Novelist said...

Oh Heather, your kitty is so precious...I'm in love. :)

Heather said...

Mo - Luckily no! It was just a packet of Olay cleansing cloths but he did manage to rip a small hole in that too so I had to tape it up so the cloths wouldn't dry out!

Jules - Thanks :) Funny you should ask about the tree... They don't mess with it anymore but years ago when we lived in GSO, I was sitting on the sofa reading one afternoon and I saw a slight movement of the tree out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and there was George, sound asleep in the branches about halfway up the tree. Amazingly, not a single ornament was disturbed. God knows how he got in there without tearing it down. Also, the same year, we came home one night from shopping and found the tree on its side in the floor! Luckily, that was when we were just out of college and couldn't yet afford nice glass ornaments :)

Novelist - Thanks :) They are both pretty sweet. REALLY sweet actually. But Elwin is VERY mischevious!

The very nice man said...

New website printed on future Boots bags: