Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Heather and Jason's All Hallows Rockin' Eve

(See what I did there with the title? Like Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve? Once again, I have rendered you speechless and in awe of my cleverness...)

Jason and I had a totally awesome Halloween. Way awesome-er than anybody else I imagine. Here's proof:

The day started off brilliantly when the doorbuzzer rang unexpectedly and the postman said there was a package for me. For ME? But I'm not expecting any deliveries at all! I run downstairs and I immediately recognize the handwriting on the address label and therefore, immediately know what's inside. PEEPS! My wonderful Aunt Sandy is my official Peep supplier and last year she tried to send me some but they got held up in customs so I didn't get them till Thanksgiving. But that didn't stop her from trying again.

And she also sent this hilarious card.

In case you can't read that, it says "Don't drink and carve. Happy Hic! Halloween!"

Then for dinner, I decided to make chili - YUM. I let it simmer all day long...

And this was the resulting feast that lay before us.

And Jason, being the good husband that he always is, brought me treats - Rolo Biscuits and Cookies & Cream Haagen Dazs! Best. Husband. Ever. I rest my case.

I even had a special Halloween playlist...

And mulling spices!

So after dinner, we decided to carve our little punkin. (One word from anybody about my appearance and I'll cut you. This is me with half-wet, post-shower hair, no makeup, and in my jammies. I was not prepared for a photo op. This pumpkin carving was utterly and totally spontaneous.)

Believe it or not, you are all witnessing a relationship milestone. Despite having been together for nearly 11 years, Jason and I had NEVER EVER carved a pumpkin together. Never. I swear. We were total jack-o-lantern virgins.

Unfortunately, we did not heed my aunt's advice and did, in fact, drink and carve. The result was a jack-o-lantern that looked as though maybe he rode the short bus to school.

Our work here is done.



Monique said...

cute pumpkin! Ha ha - that card it hilarious!!!!!!!

The very nice man said...

Wow! You guys don't do things by half!
Looks spookily good!

andrea said...

We are big fans of Chili now, and I never ate it before I moved here!

I love the matching pajama bottoms :) Well, close to matching anyway!

Wait, no trick or treaters? I am shocked!

Aisby said...

Your jack-o-lantern is quite good for drinking and carving. And I do believe chili is a Halloween necessity. Glad you got your Peeps before Thanksgiving - enjoy their marsmellow sugary goodness.

A Novelist said...

Great work on the pumpkin! And your chili looks delicious. I want some! Hope you had a great Halloween. :)

Aunt Sandy said...

I think your pumpkin looks Marvelous....... even if you did not heed my advice.

Beth said...

Oh man, Rolo biscuits! And for only 99p. I change my vote, England is the land of plenty.