Saturday, November 18, 2006

No title necessary

I don't know why this story has moved me so much. Many of you who read my blog may also read Andrea's. If you don't, do. Because it's really funny and entertaining. And also moving at times. Take a look at the following posts:

A Request
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If you don't at least tear up a little, you may not have a heart. Personally, I feel absolutely wretched about the whole thing. And I don't know if it's really my right to write about it like this. I don't know these people. I only know what I've been told through Andrea. But it's enough to break my heart.

I've cried and prayed and prayed and cried about it. And I must admit - I don't pray a lot. I've prayed for real things like recent events in my family or for Jason's safety when traveling. And I've prayed for some pretty stupid things over the years like "Please let Jason pick out a good engagement ring for me" or "Please don't let it rain on our vacation" or "Please let me find my cashmere socks from last winter"... But those aren't really prayers. They're more like little requests I make to make my life better or easier.

But this, this is worth a real eyes-closed-hands-folded-crying-pleading-request-for-a-miracle. Rarely has something made me so grateful for my health and the health of the people I love. Rarely has something made me so appreciative of my marriage and how good we really have it and how the worries we have are so trivial when compared.

Bottom line? Please please please pray for this family, especially the couple who are to be wed today under the most unimaginable circumstances. And while you're at it, thank God or Goddess or Allah or whoever it is you talk to for everything you have been blessed with.


andrea said...

Thank you for posting this Heather, the more people who can pray or think good thoughts or just realize how lucky they may be the better!

The very nice man said...

Prayed for her healing as requested! Here by the grace of God go I.