Friday, November 03, 2006

Overheard in the checkout line at Waitrose

I was witness to, quite possibly, the most British argument ever. I'll transcribe...

Old Lady: Sah (Sir), you are incredibly rude.
Man: I beg yoah (your) pahdon (pardon), you ah (are) the rude one.
OL: Thaht's (That's) preposterous! I'm cehtainly (certainly) not rude!
Man: Oh, indeed you ah, I'm afraid. Terribly rude.
OL: Yoah horrid you ah! 'Tis astounding how rude you ah!
Man: My God, you ah incorigable! You don't even realize just how rude you ah!
OL: You sah, ah ghastly. A truly unbelievably rude pehson (person).

And on and on like this for a good 3 minutes or so. I had one of those "Good God, I really do live in England." moments.


Monique said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! That is SO funny:)

I see you have an ask the nutshell email now too - cute!

andrea said...

I love it! Did they even know what they were arguing about??

Heather said...

I know y'all - it was hysterical...

Andrea - yes... from what I could tell, Man had invaded OL's personal space as she was paying (entering her PIN in the machine). She told him he was rude to do that and hilarity ensued.

The very nice man said...

I sahy!!
Jolly ghood show, whhat??!!

Aisby said...

It sure beats the "shut the f--k up b--ch" that happens around here. Maybe I should just move to England. I like the niceties.

Melanie said...

I have not left a comment in awhile so I figured before you told me I was rude, that I would not only leave you one, but also send you your very own personal email :)!!! Check it and get back to me biotch!!!

Anonymous said...

Dontcha just love it! Eccentricity is built into the English psyche. No doubt you'll spot more of it from now on. Great blog!