Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A whole ten inches you say?!?

A phone conversation from London to Tokyo:

Jason: Did you hear about the tsunami warning?
Me: Wha? No! What happened??
Jason: It was all over the news. There was a tsunami warning here yesterday. It's was pretty scary. On the tv, it showed a map of the country and all around it was flashing red all "Tsunami! Warning! Seek higher ground!"
Me: Are you sure? I didn't hear about this.
Jason: Yes. The news reports said the waves were measured at 10 inches.
Me: You mean 10 feet?
Jason: No. Ten inches.
Me: That's no tsunami. I've seen waves four or five times that at Wrightsville Beach. That's ridiculous. I'm googling this. [I google.] Ok, listen to this. This article says "A powerful undersea earthquake prompted tsunami warnings today for Japan, Russia and Alaska, but the danger appeared to pass after a series of tiny waves hit the northern Japanese coast." Hear that? "Tiny waves" it says.
Me and Jason: [Riotous laughter.]
Me: Oh my god, wait, it get's better! "Several thousand people fled to higher ground on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido. The waves, however, did not swell higher than 16 inches and rapidly diminished in size." Rapidly diminished in size, it says! Diminished from 16 inches!
Me and Jason: [Riotous laughter.]
Jason: When told to flee to higher ground, they probably just stood on their coffee tables!
Me: Yeah yeah! Or like, just sat legs criss-cross on the sofa!
Me and Jason: [Riotous laughter.]
Me: Oooh ooh! It's getting even better! Listen to this! "The Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said a 7.8-inch wave hit Shemya Island and a 3-inch wave hit Amchitka Island in the Aleutian chain." Three inches!!! I love that they had the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center out there with little rulers measuring three inch waves. What an excellent use of resources. I bet they were all "F this. I can't believe I'm out here measuring a three inch wave. Let's go get a yak-burger." Or you know, whatever they eat in Alaska. I mean, I've seen bigger waves at Lake Norman.
Jason: Yeah! I've seen bigger waves in my bathtub!
Me and Jason: [Riotous laughter.]
Me: Oh boy, listen to this! "The ITAR-Tass agency reported that Russia's Pacific Fleet ships took refuge at their bases." Russia's Pacific Fleet took refuge from 3 inch waves! What a bunch of pussys! Here's another good one! "The Alaska Tsunami Warning Center said people on beaches in the warning area should move to higher ground." Yeah, like pick up their blankets and move back a few feet or else prepare to dip your toes in the water!
Jason: Yeah! Or like get in their beach chairs instead of laying on their towels!
Me and Jason: [Riotous laughter.]
Jason: This is totally blogable.
Me: Yeah prolly so...
Jason: Well, I gotta run so I can get ready for work. Sleep tight.
Me: Ok, have a good day. I love you and I miss you.
Jason: I love you too. Bye.
Me: Bye.

It's totally awesome that we use our phone time to discuss such important matters.


Chuck said...

Glad to hear that you and Jason along with the lovely people of Alaska, Russia, and Japan survived the devastating tsunami! Those three inch waves are killers.

Beth said...

I so thought you were going somewhere else with "ten inches." I'm glad you don't have the gutter mind I do!

Aisby said...

I did hear of the tsunami, but had no idea of the magnitude of those monstrous waves. I'm glad your hubby was safe.