Friday, December 08, 2006

Desperation will make a man do strange things

Night before last, poor Jason had a very hard time sleeping as he was stressed out about several things. Finding a place to live, work, preparing for our trip home, Christmas shopping, etc... At some ungodly hour in the middle of the night, he got so desperate for shut-eye that he dug out my "Stress Relief Linen Spray" and sprayed it all over himself.

Marinate on that for a minute or two. Conjure up a mental picture if it helps...

I have nothing else to say that would make this funnier than it already is so I'll leave you with that.


andrea said...

Aha, now you know what to get him as a stocking stuffer!

The question is, did it work?

Heather said...

Well, it was either that or the sleeping pill. My money's on the pill.

Beth said...

I'm laughing so hard I have tears spilling over. Hope you guys have a nice relaxing weekend!!

Aisby said...

That's hilarious. Does he know that you're making people laugh at his expense?
Poor guy, that really is a lot to be stessed about.
Sleeping pills always work for me...I'm a big believer in the power of modern medicine! (I have at least THREE different prescriptions for migraines in my cabinet).

Have a safe trip home....and eat some Moravian pie for me (then you have to describe it bite by yummy bite, so I can enjoy it vicariously through you.)

Heather said...

Beth - happy to oblige :)

Aisby - Well, we have an understanding these days. I told him that anything he says or does is fair material for the blog. I mean, I've got to give the people what they want right? ;-)