Tuesday, December 12, 2006

If necessity truly is the mother of invention...

...then why can't the Western world come up with something like this???

Sorry this post is a bit after the fact but Jason brought it home from Japan and I thought I had lost it till I changed bags the other day and found it lurking in the cell phone pocket of my Louis...

Any guesses as to what this is? And no scrolling down you cheaters!

Here are the bevy of answers I gave when I was asked the very same:

Me: A drink swizzle stick?
Jason: No
Me: A tiny sword for tiny sword fights?? HYAAH! HYAAH! I stab you with my tiny sword and you will bleed tiny blood!
Jason: No but that's pretty funny. I wish I'd gotten two of them now. I would challenge you to a tiny duel.
Me: One of those thingies they stick in food to hold it together? A "sushi stick holdy-togethery type thingie" would be the technical term they use in Japan I think...
Jason: No
Me: Well, I'm spent. I give up. What the hell is that thing?

At this point, he makes a grab for my Red Cup (At which point I nearly maul his face off because everyone knows you don't go putting your paws all over my Red Cup before 8:00 AM unless you have a death wish because MOTHER OF GOD I NEED MY GRANDE SKINNY CHRISTMAS BLEND IF I'M GOING TO GO AROUND SPREADING CHRISTMAS CHEER TO ONE AND ALL. But I digress.) and pops the contraption right into the sippy hole and behold. I give you possibly the best invention since the Miss Oops sponge:

Now I don't want to be one to go around perperuating sterotypes but come on. They invent little things to stick in your coffee cup so your coffee doesn't splash out on public transport or in the car. They have vats of hand sanitizer attached to poles on the streets so people can go around dousing themselves in Purell instead of spreading germs. One has to think that maybe the Japanese are a little more blessed in the book-learnings department, doesn't one?

Then again, they did invent Pokemon and Dance Dance Revolution so maybe that cancels out the other stuff...


Monique said...

OMG! that is fantastic

I SO SO needed one of those for my skinny tall chai this morning!
I nearly spilled on someone:)

Beth said...

Now that is cute! I have tea cups from China that have lids, but I'm never seen anything disposable like that. Now just don't break it in a pencil duel!!

A Novelist said...

What a great idea! I wish we had them here! :)

Aisby said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who adds "y"s to words to make them adjectives. "holdery togethery thingy type thing"...I would SO say that. Like I say snacky food or breakfasty food or dippy food (forgive me, I've been on a food thing lately).

Sara said...

I'm feeling very comment-y today, so here it goes:

1. is it odd that when i first read that he grabbed your "red cup" i was scratching my head trying to figure out why you were drinking beer before 8 AM (ok, maybe it hasnt been that long since i graduated from college)

2. Starbucks cups always make me think of that article talkign about how they are the sippy cup replacement that is acceptable for grownups

3. I so want to go to Japan