Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Monday Funday

Jason took yesterday off work so we could enjoy a day of "Christmas in London" together without having to fight the weekend crowds. We went to the Christmas Grotto at Harrod's and bought ornaments for our tree, had hot cocoa and sugar cookies at the ice rink cafe, and then skated at the Natural History Museum's rink. I was very nervous as this was only my second time ice skating but by the end I was doing really well! I was going pretty fast and didn't fall once. Even I have my limits though. Jason slingshot-ed me once and I almost beat him up.

At first, hanging on for dear life...

By the end, an old pro...

And they give you little gold reindeer Lindt choc when you leave!

As for the rest of the weekend, we did absolutely nothing and it was glorious. We spent nearly our entire Sunday at our favorite pub, The Farm enjoying their Sunday brunch festivities. They have live piano music and a roaring fireplace, and anything you could think of to drink. Check out this menu:

Champagne cocktails! Breakfast cocktails! Beer! Tea! Cocoa!

I started out with a bellini, then tried the "hot cocoa with toasted marshmallows", then finished up with the "posh tea".

Jason started out with a Leffe, then tried the Leffe, then moved on to Sam Smith, then finished up with the Leffe.

His tolerance is astounding. He would have likely had to carry me out of there.

And just for fun... George D. Kat enjoyed an early and unexpected Christmas gift on Saturday morning.

A delivery from Amazon.co.uk left him with a cozy little place for a nap. Nevermind the fact that he has a very posh faux-fur bed. He's got a thing for cardboard. And, hello? How cute is he? He brought his favorite stuffed toy "Baby Bear" into the box with him. He's had Baby Bear since he was a kitten and he carries him around in his mouth to wherever he naps.


Beth said...

Seriously, you should start your own business. I'd pay you to organize my weekends!

Aisby said...

What a fun day.
The first time I went ice skating was in Greensboro, NC. Had a blast with my cousins. When I lived in Winston-Salem, we used to go regularly.

I almost passed out in the Christmas/toy/children's section of Harrod's.

Here's a tale. My mom and I went to London around Thanksbiving a while back. We were prepared for the cold, but we were unprepared for the fact that everywhere we went had the heat cranked up to 110 degrees.

I stripped during intermission at Les Mis. Everytime we went in a restaurant, we would have to peel off layers and layers of clothes. And I almost passed out in Harrods. I ended up having to stand outside in a t-shirt because I got so hot.

Our hotel couldn't turn off our radiator so we slept with all the windows open.

What's with the oppressive indoor heat???

Aisby said...

BTW, I read a Wedding in December last summer...not the best book ever, but I remember being especially disappointed in the end. I'd love to hear your take on it.

The very nice man said...

You guys sure know how to enjoy life! Good on you!!
Just one thing . . could we please have some snow for Christmas??

Heather said...

Beth - How much? Make me an offer I can't refuse ;-)

Aisby - I have a theory on this. They crank the heating in the winter to make up for the fact that there's no air-con here in the summer. And I'll give you a shout when I finish the book. Do me a favor if you don't mind and send me an email to the "askthenutshell" address so I'll have yours and I'll give you a full book report. I'll expect it returned graded by the way.

Erik - Thanks! I'll see what I can do about the snow. I've been working on it already.