Thursday, December 07, 2006


Even though I was beaten to the punch yesterday by Andrea and you all may have already read her post on this very thing... I forge ahead anyway. In case some of you haven't already read Andrea's post, here's what we did. The Berkely hotel has a high tea called Pret-a-Portea and they serve little biscuits and cakes that are inspired by the most recent runway shows. And they serve it on Paul Smith china so there's nothing that's not designer. They call it "the fashionista's tea". Of course, I was in love the moment I first read about it.

Andrea and I hadn't been able to get together for ages so we decided we absolutely had to make time to hang out before we both go back to the States for the holidays and she returns a married woman. This was the perfect girly afternoon. It was a whirlwind of Harrod's, black cabs, tea, and champagne.

The pictures are really dark because we didn't want to look like tourists and were trying to be incognito with the cameras. Plus, what's worse than having a really nice dinner and you keep getting blinded by some idiot's flashing camera? Not much.

When we walked in and got to our table, I nearly had a heart attack triggered by the cuteness of it all. There was a little card on the table that said "Mrs. Sanger" and the menus were a stroke of cute genius.

That's me trying not to have a cuteness-related heart attack. Champagne helps, right?

And the lovely Andrea...

They must have a pastry chef with the steady hands of a surgeon back there. Some pictures of the insane food:

The Valentino leopard-print chestnut creme handbag

inspired by this little beauty:

Giles Deacon pink polka dot nougat mousse with yellow trim

inspired by this avant garde piece:

Alexander McQueen tartan chocolate cake

an homage to McQueen's tartan-heavy Fall 06 collection:

Yves Saint Laurent frilly passion fruit meringue

in honor of this fabulous frock:

Acquascutum's yellow overcoat ginger biscuit

a spot-on reproduction of this amazing coat:

Jimmy Choo gold boot chocolate biscuit

another dead-on recreation of this glamorous footwear:

There were also sweets taken from the collections of Chloe, Lanvin, and Julien Macdonald.

And if all that wasn't enough, after our precious waiter brought us the bill, he returned with these little take-away boxes. I don't think I could've stopped the cuteness heart attack if I tried at this point.

Oh lord, my head hurts from all the cuteness. I've decided to savor the feeling and told Jason that I would like to use my Mrs. Sanger placecard for all meals at home from now on. His response was a roll of the eyes but I think he's caving.


andrea said...

I love that you got the real fashions to compare it too! It was so much fun, and it could not have been any cuter! Well, except for the choking child behind us. But other than that it was perfect :)

Beth said...

I would so use it. Give it pride of place next to the Cheerios! ;) LOVE the Acquascutum biscuit!!

Melanie said...

That is so freaking cute!!! But do you know what else is cute??? One more week till you're in my neck of the woods! I cannot freaking wait...I even have it on my calendar!!! Hurry home Mimosa and Bloody Mary buddy...hurry home!!!

Heather said...

Andrea - Even the choking child was pretty cute considering she was totally faking the the choking :)

Beth - I know! I wonder if they make that biscuit in my size?

Mel - Oh my god, I'm so excited to come back to the
Ra-lizzle! I can't wait to hang out with you and drink glass after glass of champagne topped off with a splash of OJ :)

Aisby said...

They look too cute to eat!! Okay except the coat. And I would die for those boots, the real ones, not the cookie!

A Novelist said...

How adorable! This is my kind of tea. I wonder if they do this in NYC?

Aisby said...

Hee, hee...I didn't notice this the first time...with each picture, the plate under the cute goodie gets messier and messier!! I don't know why that's so funny, but it is!!

Heather said...

Aisby - I know, I remember thinking that too :) I should have taken a picture of each of them before I started eating!

Novelist - You should definitely see if they have something similar in NYC. It was expensive as hell but totally worth it for the experience!