Friday, December 08, 2006

What do you care about?

Here I am again, increasingly using my blog as a platform to talk about things that I should probably talk about elsewhere. But, then I began to think... I'm getting somewhere between 100 and 150 visitors pretty much every day on here. Maybe it's okay for me to occasionally appeal for thoughts, prayers, support, etc...

This one is all about me encouraging all of you to think hard about a cause that's near and dear to your heart and give what you can this holiday season. My charity of choice this year is the UNICEF "Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS" campaign. The money goes towards getting anti-viral medications to children and parents afflicted by HIV in poor countries like Malawi as well as AIDS education to help reduce the instances of contracting the disease and protection and care for children who've been orphaned by AIDS.

I first became interested in this particular cause when I read Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. On their motorbike trip around the world, they stopped at various UNICEF-related shelters for children. Then, on World AIDS Day last week, there was a special on TV about Ewan and Charlie traveling to Malawi to see first-hand the conditions in which many children who've been orphaned by AIDS live. It was heartbreaking. I was in tears by the end. Click here to watch Ewan narrate a short video about one such child who must care for his siblings by himself.

So, whatever it is that you care about, whatever brings you to tears, do what you can to help.

I shall now step down from my soapbox and return to the regularly scheduled programming of snark.

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Aisby said...

I took a Political Science class on the Third World and we watched a video that, while it focused on poverty, had much to say about the prevalance of AIDS and how AIDS is contributing to poverty. It broke my heart to see starving women protstituting themselves in order to feed their families, then contracting HIV and orphaning their kids when they died. There are countries in Africa where children are literally raising children with no adult support or supervision. It is so sad that this disease has affected so many people in such a horrible way. Good for you for taking a break from the snark to inform people about this.