Friday, January 26, 2007

Hazards of Learning

Il gatto, George D. Kat says "Mio Dio. I think these Italian classes have gone too far. TOO far."

Meanwhile, everything in our flat has a sticker on it with the Italian word for it.

Did I have coffe this morning? Unh-uh. Caffe!
Do I take it with milk? Nope. Latte!
Do I look out the window? Indeed I do not. La finestra!
Did I turn on the lamp when I came downstairs? No way. Lampada!
Might we hang some more pictures this weekend? Hells no. Quadros!
Am I sitting on the sofa while I type this? Are you crazy? Il sofa! Oh wait...


Anonymous said...

George, il mio grasso gatto rossicio.

Io e te siamo sulla stessa pagina.

Saranno mesi duri, mi sa che ha perso il controllo...

Jason :)

Beth said...

Does this mean that you guys own a label maker? I love label makers! Ciao. ;)

Heather said...

Beth - hoo boy! I wish I had a label maker! I've wanted one for ages but I'm not allowed to have one because Jason's afraid that he'd come home from work and find the house covered and me passed out in a pile of labels after a labeling frenzy.

No, those labels came with my workbook :)

Melanie said...

This REALLY makes me laugh and it reminds me of this boy I went to high school with. We had this old fisherman drunk of a calculus teacher...he was the worst teacher EVER...I mean the guy sat on a cooler behind his desk...anyway, this reminds me of this boy because he too was taking calculus with me and to piss the teacher off one day, he stole his post it notes and labeled just about everything in the classroom...and needless to say was asked to leave by our teacher the old fisherman drunk...and whenever I see labeled things I cannot help but to think of this guy. Anyway, just thought I would ramble a little bit on your page today to show you some love :). Hope all is well!