Thursday, January 11, 2007

The move from hell

Saturday was "box it up" day. I don't think I sat down for 3 minutes total that day. George, however, had no trouble getting rested up.

I was going about my business when all the sudden Jason yells down from the loft "Who the hell are these kids?" To which I replied "They're my cousins Dylan and Brenda. They live in California. Beverly Hills, actually. I haven't seen them in years." In reality, this is simply the picture that came with the frame. I just never got around to putting a photo in it. So this is how I amuse myself in tough times. I make jokes that only I get.

So ever since we arrived in our new home, my life has basically been an exercise in opposites...

Things that have gone right: We found this practically new and in near-perfect condition sofa on Gumtree for peanuts. And the guy carried it all the way up one of the narrowest staircases ever designed to our top floor flat. I mean, I helped. I carried the pillows.

And things that have gone wrong: I needed a footstool. We have some really deep kitchen cabinets and I can't reach the back of them because, well, let's face it... I'm not exactly supermodel height. I found this super cute footstool at Habitat. Score! Or so I thought. I get home, I open it up, and wait for it... There's a huge sign that says "DO NOT STAND ON THIS STOOL". Ummm, I'm sorry Mr. Footstool Box, but did you or did you not very clearly state on your face that you contained a FOOTSTOOL? What kind of footstool isn't safe to stand on? Isn't that pretty much their ONLY requirement???

Progress: Lookie there at all the boxes I've emptied and broken down!!!!!!

And not so much: Lookie there at how much is still left to put away!!!!!!!

Order: Ahhhhh, books. You make me so very happy. Sometimes all I need is you and a cup of tea to make life right. Also? The stacking and shelving of said books in what appears to be a random order but is actually thought out to an extent greater than that of the theory of relativity? This too makes me so very happy.

And chaos: We have a lot of coats. One doesn't realize how many coats one has until one has no coat closet in which to put them. Where will they end up?? This and more exciting questions answered on the next episode.

And the straw that nearly broke this girl's back: My most favoritest (that doesn't just mean favorite, that's a whole 'nother level of favorite-ness) Sevens that I've had and worn nearly every day for the past 3 years ripped. I looked down, saw my knee, and shed a tear. Maybe two. Maybe a flood of them. I'll never tell.

Then I looked up and the view from my living room window made it all just a little bit better. Sun setting over Surrey. And I thought to myself "Why have I wasted the last year of my life living in Fulham where the view out my window consisted of a dry cleaner and an abandoned bar?" I think I'm going to like Richmond.


Beth said...

When we moved in May I broke a mug and I went into hysterics, so I'm thinking Sevens are worth wailing and gnashing of teeth as well! Love the pics, so glad you're settling in!!

A Novelist said...

Your view is beautiful. Makes all the hard work in moving, worth it! :)

Monique said...

oh WOW what a view - totally worth it! Glad to hear you settled in ok & that you're happy with the new place:)

andrea said...

I love it! I can't wait to see it!

Melanie said...

I'm liking the new place already!!! I can't wait to see pictures of the guest room ;)!

The very nice man said...

Definitely moving up in the world.
Here's wishing it will be a happy home for you.