Thursday, January 18, 2007

Silent night, Holy Lord Baby Jesus this is late

Well, I finally have had time to get our Christmas photos online. I hope it was worth the wait for all of you. And isn't it the perfect time to reflect on all the warm fuzzy Christmas cheer anyway? As the icy London January winds lash at the windows? Well, put your wool-stocking'ed feet up and haul out the peppermint mocha. Here comes Christmas all over again.

This is my mom and my aunt at my Grandmother's house. I feel like I'm in a Doublemint commercial. Like sister, like sister I guess...

This is at my Grandma Margaret's house. Ruth Ann (she was the flower girl at our wedding) and Jason have a rather sarcastic relationship. He calls her Rodney. Has for years. Nobody knows why. She thinks it's hysterical. So now she's getting old enough to start firing back. She thought it would be hilarious to give him this headband for Christmas. And trust me, it was. Well played Ruth Ann. Well played.

This is my dad looking quite dapper in the season's latest fashions. Bows are big this year.

Just remember not to wear them actually ON your face.

No creature, great or small can escape the Christmas headband. That's my Grandma's puppy.

Some after-dinner fun with leftovers...

After all the Christmas excitement, I needed to relax with a bottle of wine back at the hotel. It got a little out of hand.

Christmas Eve at my parents' house... My brother Kurt exhibits the real meaning of Christmas - cold hard cash.

Why my brother Kyle wanted a T.O. jersey, I'll never know. It makes me question our blood relation really.

And later that night at my Grandma and Paw Paw's house... That's quite the stash of presents they managed to accumulate!

That's my Uncle Keith but look in the background. Don't you just LOVE the retro Christmas decorations? Except they're not retro. Those are originals! That Santa is actually one of my favorite Christmas memories as a kid. I would always look for it in my Grandparents' window whenever we drove by.

On Christmas morning... Let's see that shining, smiling face!

Well, at least just those smiling, shining eyes.

Me saying goodbye to the kitten, Smokey.

Here's the link to the rest of the photos on Shutterfly.

Maybe I'll do this in pieces. Consider this "Part 1: Heather's Family". Still to come... "Part 2: Jason's Family".


Beth said...

So much fun! Maybe I should as your dad my scarf question... ;)

A Novelist said...

Better late than never. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)