Wednesday, January 24, 2007


To me, there's nothing like waking up to a blanket of white outside. Or more accurately, Jason nudging me awake at 5:30 and whispering "It's snowing..." It's the perfect snow. The kind that makes everything beautiful but doesn't make the city come to a screeching halt. Especially since I have my very first Italian class today. Especially since I paid through the nose to take Italian classes at the Italian Cultural Institute of London instead of through the borough.



The very nice man said...

Yes, yes, yes . . it's awesome, isn't it!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!
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andrea said...

Wasn't it pretty? I loved it! I hoepe your Italian goes great!

Melanie said...

Oh how awesome! We actually got snow here in Raleigh last Thursday...and yes everythng came to a screeching halt. Gotta love the south!

A Novelist said...

What beautiful snow pictures! I'm wondering if that is coming our way? It's supposed to get very cold here starting tomorrow (highs in the lower 20's). Well, if it does, you'll see it on my blog. ;) Enjoy.

Beth said...

Omg, you get up WAY too early for my liking! I feel so unproductive in comparison. ;)

aunt sandy said...

Beautiful pics but I am very very jealous. All we ever get is stupid ICE!!!