Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tagged by Beth

I've been tagged by Beth to list five useless facts about myself. So here they are. (And a big thank you to Beth for giving me another reason to put off posting all our pics from Christmas.)

1. I get REALLY mad when people litter. I don't mean a normal kind of mad either. I'm talking about a "great vengance and furious anger" kind of mad. And if I'm with someone, I'll make a really loud comment to them about how I think people who litter are the scum of the earth.

2. I'm something of a master impressionist.

3. I'm roughly 1/8 Cherokee Indian.

4. My obsession with fashion began at an early age. In 3rd grade, I would carry a bunch of Madonna-style accessories to school and change into them after I left home. I'm talking an armful of bracelets, huge pink strip of tulle to tie in my hair at a jaunty angle, etc... Then, in 4th grade, I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer. So much so that I started a fashion design club and we all drew clothes and shared our designs with each other. Over the years, through preppy, hippie, goth, rave baby, back to preppy, and now to a happy medium, my interest never wavered and I ended up majoring in fashion marketing at university and my first job was with Tommy Hilfiger as a merchandiser.

5. I have a massive case of broccophobia. I hate broccoli so much that I get freaked out if it even touches me. Once, a tiny piece of it landed on my wrist and I ran towards the sink yelling "Get it off me!!!!! Get it off me!!!!!" like it was a spider or something.


Beth said...

I'm picturing a young Cyndi Lauper. Classic!

ALL THE BEST said...

Great blog. I'm also a Southern Living in the UK and I'm 1/16 Cherokee Indian (a useless facts about myself).
Don't you find more people seem to litter in the UK than the US? It was the first thing I noticed.

Aisby said...

I did the whole Madonna bracelets and the big black bow, the time, however, I had NO CLUE what "like a virgin" even meant.

Litterbugs are BAD people.

Broccoli is DELICIOUS!!!

Glad you're getting settled into the new flat!

A Novelist said...

I love your list! You just brought back memories with #4! Madonna bracelets! :) I miss the 80's! :)

My Marrakech said...

1/8 American Indian?! Yes I can see that. Look at those cheekbones of yours!
PS I linked over from all the best

Heather said...

Why thank you! I've never had my cheekbones commented on before but I'll take it :) Maybe I'll try out for America's Next Top Model afterall....

Mom said...

My, the things I learn about my daughter (3rd grade) from reading her blog..... :) Love you!

Heather said...

Mom - sorry ;-) I suppose it had to come out at some point!