Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who'da thunk it?

Hang on to your hats folks. Here's a startling revelation for you:

Learning a foreign language is actually pretty hard.

You're stunned, I know. Try to recover because I'm moving along.

Last week was my very first Italiano 1.1 class. It was so fun what with all the counting and alphabet-reciting and introducing ourselves. Mi chiamo Heather! I have uno sposato and due gatti. I enjoy vino rosso, caffe latte and long walks on the spiaggia. I'm almost trente anni and I'm molto molto excited to be here! Everything is bellisima! How do you say "puppy dogs" and "ice cream" and "rainbows" in Italiano?!?

This week was my second Italiano 1.1 class. Holy verbs and adjectives. Maschile/Femminile. Formale/Informale. Plurale/Singolare. Does it end in an e? An a? An i? An o? Who the hell knows?

How do you say "Oh Sweet Lord Jesus please help me with my memorization skills lest I may perish at my very desk" in Italiano? Mio Dio.


Melanie said...

In case your mom doesn't log in today, I wanted to let you know that it is snowing here in Raleigh! And the best part...I know you will appreciate that they have it all 'mapped' out. 10:00 snow...12:00 sleet/ice/wintry mix whatever...2:00 freezing rain and ice. So this mommy is working from home today because...well...everything here has shut down :).

Chuck said...

Good luck with the Italian lessons Heather! Have you convinced Jason to take you to Italy after the class is over to immerse yourself in the Italian language?

Oh and everything isn't shut down in Raleigh like Melanie says. S&R is still open and waiting for the ice to stick so we can get caught in the traffic on the way home like two years ago. I'm excited! Later gal.

The very nice man said...

I tried the "sleep with an Italian book over your head" - routine! It doesn't work but is ever so relaxing!! Ciao, bella!!

Aisby said...

I took Italian in college for my foreign language requirement. I LOVED it...too bad I remember little to nothing. I think if the husband takes me to Italy for a little getaway, it may possibly all come back to me (or not, but I'll still have a great time.)

Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Hi Heather - why are you learning Italian?? If you get bored, you can practice with me - ti prometto che non ti prendero' in giro :D seriously. :)

Heather said...

Ms Adventures - I've just always loved the language and wanted to learn it... And you'll have to slow down and let me get through a few more classes before we practice!

I'm going to go translate your comment now :)