Thursday, February 08, 2007

I have the best friends ever.

Last night I had Monique and Andrea over for a little Girl's Night In. We sat, we talked, we ate, we drank. They brought wine. I made food and "Valentinis". That's just a little something I do. I totally make up cocktails and serve them up. No recipe. Hmmm, always start with Vodka. Can't go wrong there. Now, what's my favorite mixer that's pink or red? Cranberry juice! And for the final piece de resistance, top it off with every girl's favorite. Champagne! Now you have yourself a Valentini.

Now the best part... Andrea knows how much I luuurrrrvvvvve diet Mountain Dew. Which is pretty much impossible to get here unless you want to A) Pay a month's wages and sign over your first born and 2) Schlep a case of soda cans on the tube. Well, she sees an off-license near her school and they're advertising that they have American soft drinks. And lo and behold, there they are! Two shiny green cans of energy. So she bought them for me. How much do I love her right now? Not to mention she provided me with my very first birthday card last night. (Well, at least the first one I'm allowed to OPEN. I'm talking to you, Aunt Sandy.)

And Monique... Well, I'm starting to think that Monique may be trying to fatten me up so she can serve me up for Christmas dinner or something. Between the cake they brought over for dinner, the second helping of dessert she tried to serve me when I went over to her place last Friday night, and the knock-your-socks-off box of chocolates she brought last night, I'm convinced of it. And just as I'm sure she intended, I ate another chocolate after they left. Maybe two. So while I may gain a stone being friends with her, she's totally worth it.

Then those bitches walked up on outta here and ain't even help me clean up.

Just joshin' girls ;-)


andrea said...

Last night was so much fun, and the food, and Valentinis, were excellent!

I laughed out loud about us walking out and not cleaning up. I wish you would have left it at that so everyone would think we were actually awful friends!

And you know there could be some more Diet Mt Dew when we have lunch in a few weeks, if the store restocks!

have fun with beth, i hope she gets in okay :)

Monique said...

ha ha you actually had me laugh out loud at that last bit!

what a great night -thanks again

and I MUST say those Valentinis were fabulous darling!

oh and say HI to Beth for me too :)

Mom said...

Sounds like you "girl's" had a very nice night. Hope you and Beth have a nice time today. Love you and miss you!!!

aunt sandy said...

HA HA!!! Smarty pants. :)