Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm your venus.

I'm your fi-yer.

Your desi-yer.

Saturday night, Jason and I had the pleasure of attending an 80's themed birthday party. I'm ashamed to say that niether of us had to go out and purchase anything to make our costumes. It was all in our closet. Even the jelly bracelets.

But I have a defense for each and every piece:
Pink bandana - I wear this as a do-rag at the beach.
White bead necklace - This actually looks really good with a certain outfit I have.
White plastic bracelet - Same defense as above.
Black plastic hoop earrings - See above.
Jelly bracelets - Purchased for halloween one year. The black ones also came in handy the year I dressed as Avril Lavigne.
Pink and white striped top - Oh screw it. I've got nothing. This was simply a bad fashion choice.

And Jason's:
The tie - This is actually just a regular tie turned around. How clever!
The jacket - This is an excellent jacket when the sleeves aren't pushed up.

I think Jason got off way easier than I did.

How could this night have gotten any better? I'll tell you. Upon leaving the party, we tried to pop into a pub across the street because we had to use "the facilities". I was turned away by the doorman because I didn't have my ID. May I remind everyone that drinking age here is 18. EIGHTEEN. The week after I turn 30, I'm turned away from a pub because I don't look old enough to get in. Score.


Beth said...

LOL. You're so Pretty in Pink!

andrea said...

ha, i told you i had to question the tube top!

and beth is right, so pretty in pink. or even better, so girls just wanna have fun, with a young SJP!

Beth said...

YES! Andrea you're a genius - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Anonymous said...

are you on a plane?

Heather said...

mmm, not quite... that's the overland train.

The very nice man said...

Venus - by a group called "Shocking Blue"!
Yes, I am showing my age now!
You look very cute in your little outfit!

Aisby said...

Carded for 18??? WOWIE!!

Melanie said...

I loved you as were so told Duff to suck it...and it was awesome!!! You were in my dream last night by the way...wearing that pink top...and we were living together and this scary little boy was vandalizing our house. It was weird...and I am blaming the red wine.

aunt sandy said...

You go girl! I guess you take your youthful look after your Auntie. :)