Monday, February 05, 2007

The moment you've all been holding your breath for

So, I've terribly neglected my sidebar content as of late. But I got motivated enough to update my I'm Crushing section. If you're into geeky singer-songwriters, this one's for you!

The problem with my I'm Wearing section is that, over the winter, my style has been pretty steadfast. I'm still loving round-toe boots. Still dragging Edith with me everywhere I go. Still rocking the preppy-chic look in the form of sweaters and button down shirts. Still raking my hair back in headbands. I'll see if I can't dig something new up though.

The I'm TiVo-ing section is about to get a facelift because we finally have our SkyTV at the new flat and American Idol has started and America's Next Top Model begins tonight. However, our resolution to watch less TV still sticks because we've cut out pretty much all our other shows. I even deleted the old episodes off the Sky box.

Anyway, hopefully I'll get my rear in gear and keep on top of it now. I love how I talk about all this like anyone cares. I'm sure everyone's all "Oh dear! I shall simply perish if Heather doesn't tell me who she's crushing right now."


Beth said...

Really enjoyed Swapping Lives. And now I must go buy tickets to Black Book!

Melanie said...

Ummm are you ready for this??? Jason Mraz has posted a blog...I think you can find it on his website...and do you know what it's called??? Wait for it..."Fingerbang Me With a Michael Jackson Glove"...I mean could I be any more in love?!?! God I love him :)!

Heather said...

SHUT UP! Maybe he wants to finger bang bang us into his life? *swoon* ;-)