Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Of all the books in all the world

I suppose after 11 years together, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Jason and I bought each other the same Valentine's Day gift. A book of photos of Richmond throughout the four seasons. Luckily, we kept our receipts and both had picked up the book as a "companion gift" to our "main gift" so we both had other gifts to exchange.

Since we were traveling on Valentine's Day, we decided to save our other gifts for when we got to our hotel that night. I got him some cozy, luxurious pajamas from Harrods and he got me Stella McCartney perfume which I had been coveting for some weeks now (thanks to Andrea, the best smellin' gal I know).

So this is how an old married couple spends Valentine's Day:

Looks pretty lame but... Not bad when you consider we were having a room service dinner in a five star hotel in Budapest.

And in totally unrelated news but in a "this just in" capacity...

Bonus round - Jason just casually dropped this bomb on me:

Jason: I couldn't sleep last night and I was looking at my AA frequent flier miles and did you know that I have 16 upgrades available to me and a guest as a gold-level member?
Me: Do you mean to tell me that we have been flying coach back and forth to NC for the past year and a half for no reason whatsoever?
Jason: That's pretty much what I'm telling you.
Me: Well that's great.


andrea said...

Yay! Stella! I love it, you will love it, everyone around you will love it...just don't get creeped out when people start coming up to you and telling you how good you smell. It happens, trust me!

Beth said...

You are so lucky. I know that I'm never going to get out of economy in Aer Lingus, particularly since they are SO stingy with their miles. Now I have to go have a sniff of this Stella...

The very nice man said...

You guys are so in tune!! I love it!