Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Prepare to have your minds blown

On Thursday of this week, two blog worlds shall collide and who knows what may happen. (Make sure you say all that in your best "movie-trailer-narrarater-guy" voice.)

Ok, well... we've made a plan for the day so I guess we know what may happen. Pretty much we're going to meet up in Covent Garden for lunch, then to the National Portrait Gallery, then to Harrods for a bit of a shop and tea at Laduree, and see Wicked that evening.

But... WHAT will we eat??? WHICH exhibit will we see at the gallery???? WHAT will we buy at Harrods?????? WHICH tea and biscuits will we have?????? HOW MUCH will we love Wicked????????

Umm, well... I guess everybody knows how much we'll love Wicked because it's pretty much impossible not to love it and I saw it back in October and already loved it to bits.

BUT... stay tuned for answers to the other exciting questions and much much more!!!!

Oh yeah, it's Beth at Shenanigans by the way :) London awaits you, oh Goddess of Dublin.


holly said...

yay! what a treat! have a fabulous time and please take lots of pictures!! i understand her camera is on the blink, so it's up to you!!

Beth said...

LOL! This is by far your very best post ever. ;)

The Franco Fille said...

I can't wait until Wicked comes to my city (early summer)

Beth's Mom said...

I know you two will have a brillant time...I'm so jealous..I hope to see Wicked in the spring...