Monday, February 12, 2007

Shenanigans in a Nutshell

Beth already pretty much covered this over at Shenanigans but if there's anybody who reads my blog and doesn't read hers (shame on you! you don't know what you're missing...), here is my photo diary of Beth's visit to London. Which is almost exactly the same as her photo diary of her visit to London.

After she finally made it here (with, surprisingly, very little delay considering a couple of centimetres of snow crippled London two weeks ago) we cut right to the chase and got down to business. Doing what every girl comes to London to do. Shop. So after we exhausted ourselves picking out hairbrushes (don't ask), we sat down to afternoon tea at Laduree.

The adorable menus

The adorable table

The adorable Beth

The ridiculously delicious and indulgent food

We couldn't stop looking at the "wall o' treats and sweets". It was so perfectly arranged in a rainbow of pastels.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we rolled into a cab and arrived at the theatre. The production was great and as an added bonus, we got to see them hand out some awards that weren't going to be announced till the next day. Of course, Idina Menzel won for her role of Elpheba. I just feel fortunate to have been able to see her when we went to Wicked back in the fall. I've never heard a powerhouse voice like hers. She's just unreal.


Sara said...

so if i show up in london will you take me to laduree too??? i am OBSESSED :) here we only have a tiny tiny shop, no tea to be had.

Beth said...

Why does it look like you are making me cry at the tea room?! You are so mean and nasty.