Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow! Holler!

We got more snow!!! Wheeeee! I can officially be excited about it now that Beth is in the country and not stuck on a tarmac in Dublin. I went out for a walk this morning to take some pictures of the park and the river from the top of Richmond Hill.

The gorgeous (and very expensive) Petersham Hotel


Mom said...

I am sooooooooo jealous!!!!! I'm beginning to wonder if we're ever to get snow again! But your pictures are beautiful and so when I want to see snow, I guess I'll just have to look at yours!! :) Have fun today and love you! (I guess you can tell that I'm playing catch up on your blog, huh?)

A Novelist said...

Beautiful pictures! We've had such cold temps here WITHOUT the snow. I can't wait until we get some... :)

Jules & Paul said...

Beautiful!!! It's just freezing cold in NC (with a tiny-weenie chance of freezing rain next week, wooo!).

aunt sandy said...

haven't we become quite the little photographer!!!
beautiful pictures.
it WILL precipitate here next week. I am on call. Brent is on snow detail. BAD combination.

Melanie said...

You sure are quite the photographer!!!Would you be interested in taking some glamour shots of me the next time you're in town? And sorry, but I have to say this, bummer loss for your Blue Devils on Wednesday ;)!

Muz said...

Great shots!

Does Melanie know what 'Glamour' means over here?