Friday, March 30, 2007

European Vacation: The Griswolds ain't got nothin' on us.

Best. Slogan. EVER.

I love these photos. I maintain that dusk is by far the best time to take pictures. (P.S. The Eye is lit up red for Comic Relief, a huge once-a-year charity drive.)

Look kids! Big Ben!

It was really cool to do the London Eye at night. It makes it a whole different experience.

This was my third visit to the Tower of London. However, this was the first time it wasn't raining cats and dogs. It was nice to see it without an umbrella blocking the upper half of my field of vision.

Us with one of the "Beefeater Guards" or "Yeoman Warders" or "Dudes in Snazzy Little Red and Navy Getups Complete With Rather Jaunty Hats" or whatever you fancy calling them. I'm going to go with "Dudes in Snazzy Little Red and Navy Getups Complete With Rather Jaunty Hats". You know... You say potato, I say hash browns....

This might rank as one of the worst jobs ever. Imagine in the summer heat? With that furry thing on your head? And the itchy wool uniform? And the tourists throwing chewing gum at you? What's that? You're NOT supposed to throw gum at them? Oops. (Just kidding. You don't think I really threw gum at him do you? Maybe you do. I've done worse.)

Eat the delicious baguete. Eat it!

One of my favorite activities: Playing dress-up in the gift shop.

This gets billing as one of the funniest things I've seen lately. It was in the gift shop at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. It's a rat. With his teeth gnashing. With jazz hands. (Well, I think they're meant to look menacing but they look like jazz hands to me.) The "Plague Rat Hand Puppet". I'd love to have been in the marketing meeting for this one.

"Ooookaaaayyyyy guys. What we need is a way to capitalize on the grimmer bits of England's history. Who's got ideas? Smith?"
"How about an Anne Boleyn action figure? It could have axe-chopping-action and her head rolls off when the chopping motion is activated by a little lever in the back?"
"Hmmmm, that's good, but we need something cuddly. A stuffed-animal of some sort. Johnson?"
"Ok, hear me out. How about a rat, right? You know, because rats carried the plague around and spread it everywhere? It'll be soft and cuddly but we'll give it sharp-looking teeth and claws."
"Genius! Cut and print!"

On their last day, we decided to go check out the changing of the guard. Evidently, every other tourist in London had the same idea.

After that, we split up: girls to Kensington Palace and tea, boys to British Museum and pub.

That had better be some VERY good tea.


The tea room...

The garden outside the palace...

Now. I ask you. Who had more fun, the girls or the boys? We win suckas! You and your stupid Rosetta Stone can suck it! Key to modern language as we know it? Psshhhaawww.

Original bits of the Acropolis pillaged by the British Army? Who freaking cares? History, schmistory.

Well, that's it. I'm spent. I've delivered on my promise to bring you these photos before our jaunt to Tuscany. Now, you can look forward to seeing those pics sometime before the May bank holiday. Maybe.


Beth said...

I'm so getting one of those rats next time. Do you think the management will mind when I bring it along as I force you to have tea at the Orangery again?!

Jill said...

Lily's does have the best pizza around. Where else could you find a pizza called Mr. Green Jeans?

A Novelist said...

The afternoon tea looks devine! Great pictures! :)

Amy said...

Such a fun guys were great tour guides! Thanks for having us. Could sure go for a pint right about now... :)