Saturday, March 10, 2007

My buddy, my buddy! Wherever she goes, I'm gonna go! My buddy and meeeeeee!

A bit less delayed than the Budapest pictures, I give you a set of photos that need no introduction. Except maybe to say that this is my friend Catherine. She came to visit me. We had fun.

First things first: London Eye. An essential stop for every London tourist. I've done it 4 times now. Wheeeee!

This, perhaps is only funny to Catherine. And possibly her daughter some years down the road... Her daughter does this face, immitating a hippo when they open their mouths really really wide. I think Catherine has a picture of every single person she knows doing "the hippo".

After the Eye and the most boring river cruise of all time, we headed to Harrods for an afternoon snack. We went to Laduree (where I took Beth a few weeks ago) and Cat spotted this "no photos" sign. Well, clearly, they're just ASKING for it. To get a photo of the "no photos" sign is like the tourist's holy grail.

We got back into Richmond just in time for the last bits of sunset over the river. It never fails to amaze me how beautiful my little town is.

We stopped in at a riverside pub for a glass of vino rosso. You've heard of cats eating plants? Well, here's a plant eating Cat.

Here we have the species 30yearoldius marriedius in her natural habitat. It looks as though there's a natural predator hot on the trails of her left over Special K milk.

A morning with the stars! Catherine is clearly a Tom Cruise fan.

And here we are with the Britney we used to know and love. Come back to us Brit! Come back!

Catherine's second interview with Oprah. Fun trivia about my red-headed friend: she was a guest on Oprah before. I'm friends with famous people. That's how I roll.

Poor, poor Queen Victoria. She was in mourning for her husband/cousin for most of her life. That's sweet and a little gross at the same time.

Pet the royal rodent.... Pet it!

Shame on you! Bad world leader, bad!

Funny moments in history: At a pub in Notting Hill, 2 girls enjoy 2 beers and they unwittingly place their 2 Prada sunglasses on the table in the same fashion, then even more unwittingly, place their 2 beers in the exact same position in front of the 2 Pradas. The 2 girls share a laugh at this uncanny occurence. (That seriously was by accident. I looked up and it was like that.)

As per Melanie's instructions, a couple of rounds of "Who's Pint Is This?" were indeed played. Can you guess? I'll give you a hint: she's Irish.

Mmmm, beeeeeeeeer.

Damn Badgers. Always halting plans.

We only had a short amount of time to get some food before going to see Cabaret so we ducked into the first place that had open tables. Me perusing the extensive menu at the London equivalent of TGI Fridays. "Garcon! How are the potato skins this evening?" "They're excellent Madam. May I also recommend the mozzarella stix?" "Smashing! You jolly well may, my good man!"

Saturday, we went to Windsor Castle. Here's Tiny Catherine by the castle.

Us at Windsor. Notice the lovely earrings dangling from my lobes? A birthday gift from that girl on the right. After she saw what Jason got me, she decided I needed earrings to go with it. How awesome is she? However, she also gave me wrinkle cream. Such a comedian, that one.

Crooked House. It lookes even more crooked-er in person. We went in and had some bevvies. I felt like I was straining to stay upright in my seat the whole time. Not really, but it makes a better story that way...

Catherine got a kick out of the British "newspapers", most of which are more like US tabloids than real news. Here we are perusing the headlines.

And one of Jason's favorite ways to torment me: He pretends he's taking a picture but is really taking video and it ALWAYS ends with me screaming "Are you videoing this?????"

Click here to see the video if it's not working straight from the blog...

Jason thinks he's sooooooo funny. He went into the kitchen to pour us all a glass of red and came back with two regular glasses for them and gave me mine in a teeny tasting glass. Har. Har.

King Heather VIII: "I declare by royal decree and order of the King His Majesty that every Tuesday shall henceforth be "Big Mac Tuesday" and the royal lackeys shall fetch wagonloads of Big Macs and they shall be paid for with taxpayers money. If anyone objects, off with their head!"

Catherine by Traitor's Gate. They used to march people who'd been sentenced to death down some steps some ways up the river, bring them by boat to the Tower of London, and toss them into Traitor's Gate where they would await execution. Among them are Sir Walter Raleigh (Holler Raleigh!) and Anne Bolyn.

Who's pint is who's? Give me a break. It's not even funny any more. She can drink circles around me.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at The Clink prison museum where we tried out the torture devices. I think they should bring some of this stuff back. Maybe THEN people would think twice before mugging an old lady or mowing down a neighborhood with semi-automatics.

Catherine's favorite thing about Jason is his Hulk Hogan impressions.

On the way home from dinner, I got a little sidetracked by the Marc Jacobs Stam bag in the window at Matches. "Oh, Marc Jacobs... You're my best friend always. I know sometimes we fight, but it's only because I love you so much. And even though some things may keep us apart (money), we'll be together in the end. And isn't that all that really matters?"

The last day of Catherine's visit... We went to Kensington Palace.

Poor old Queen Vicky. So sad. For nearly her entire life. Immortalized with a frown on her face and a forlorn look in her eyes.

And to cap off the trip..... High Tea at The Ritz! Very posh.

Ha! I can beat her at champagne! I've found it! I've found her achilles heel of alcoholic beverages!

Thanks for coming Cat! I had a great time. Gotta run, I've got some Queening to do!

(We have more visitors at the moment but for you, that just means more pictures! Get ready for a pictoral of punting on the River Cam. Who knew pushing a boat around with a stick would be so hard???)


Monique said...

oh WOW you have been busy! Looks super fun though!
I especially love the newpaper reading video - ahhhh another thing our husband's have in common!

Catherine said...

Ha ha ha! I totally forgot Queen Vickie married her cousin. I need to refer to my Kings and Queens Book. Maybe that's why she was such a Debbie Downer? I'd be if I had to marry my cousin.