Wednesday, April 11, 2007

As promised in the previous post:

Name five things you love in your new country.
1. European travel - Cheap, easy and quick.
2. High tea - No one does a proper tea like the English, dahling.
3. The shopping - I'm a country gal and the designer shopping is still something of a novelty to me.
4. Not having to own a car - I just love nipping out and walking to the cafe down the street for lunch.
5. Going to the theatre - There's no business like show business.

Name four things that you miss from your native country.
1. Target - There's no place like the Bullseye.
2. Fried chicken, mashed taters n' gravy, and sweet iced tea - I'm Southern through and through.
3. Weekend trips to the NC coast - Two and a half hours on Interstate 40 in a bikini top and shorts with the windows down and Jack Johnson blaring from the CD player is not a bad way to get anywhere.
4. Saturday Night Live - "It's the Chronic-WHAT-als of Narn-i-a!"

Name three things that annoy you in your new country.
1. Out of control youth - They're little thugs, I tell you.
2. The horrid fashion sense of aforementioned youth (and some older ones who ought to know better) - We make fun of the 80's for a REASON!
3. The people who stop you on the street and ask you to sign up for direct debit donations to their charity - You think I'm giving you, a STRANGER, my bank account number and a signature? You're MAD, I tell you! MAD!

Name two things that surprise you (or surprised you in the beginning) in your new country.
1. That football (soccer) games are rather rowdy events with rather unsavory fans being rather obnoxious - Now I know where the kids get it from. Their FATHERS.
2. That Royal Ascot isn't exactly the posh and prim event they depict in My Fair Lady - It's basically a big slosh-fest and apparently, this is a well known fact amongst native Englanders. (That said, I'm going again this year but you can bet your Veuve I'll be monitoring my champers intake a bit more closely this time. And, I might actually eat something more substantial than a fistful of prawns with cocktail sauce - which certainly would have helped last year.)

Name one thing that you will miss terribly in your new country, when you leave it.
1. I'm reverting back to my original answer for this one - travel, travel, travel.

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Beth said...

Ooh the direct debits, that's a good one. I should have used that one!