Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big ups to Mom!

Yesterday, I went to the Royal Mail office to pick up a package, not knowing what in the world it could be because it was addressed to both of us. I figured it was some boring tax documents or some such. Wrong! It was a delayed Easter goodie package from my parents! And while the candy was a big hit, it was this that stole my heart. What is it?

Why it's Peeps Bubbles! They're so cute I was a smitten kitten immediately. Plus, it's double fun because we discovered last night that George D. Kat is terrified of bubbles. Quite by accident, I assure you. I was showing Jason what they were and as soon as the bubbles came out, George made this weird noise and ran out of the room. And just to test it and make sure that wasn't a fluke, I may or may not have chased him around the flat blowing bubbles at him. And I got the same reaction every single time! Maybe just let that visual marinate for a minute or two...

And since Monique is the only other person I know who appreciates Peeps as much as I do, I think I'll give her one... You're not scared of bubbles too, are you Mo?

Also, we got our new camera this weekend - YAY! And we decided to upgrade and get a better one and it only cost us 160.00 GBP including the deductible we had to pay on the insurance policy. So, it all worked out ok I guess... What's the main difference between buying electronics in the States and in the UK? Users manuals. In the US, you get one in English and one in Spanish. In the UK, you get one in English, one in Deutcsh, one in French, and one in Italian!


A Novelist said...

Those Peeps Bubbles are ADORABLE! Have fun! :)

Monique said...

they are SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

So are you going to learn how to use your camera using the Italian instructions then? Good practice no? :)

Beth said...

I love those bubbles. Too cute!