Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paolo Nutini: Kind of hot... a geeky-musician, tortured-artist, teenagery-angst sort of way. Oh God. I just said teenagery-angst. In fact, he is, by definition, a teenager. Does that make me a pedophile? Cradle robber? Teenage boy lover? Oh screw it. He's kind of hot.

Yay Brixton! If I was a slogan writer person, my slogan for Brixton Academy would be "The coolest venue in a pretty damn sketchy part of London!"

Aw, man! Well that ruins my night. I was to'lly gonna work on my crowd surfing skills.

"Mmmblhnnbbhrrffss new album brfshmmherr like it..." He was such a mumbler. I could hardly understand one word he said between songs. Still kind of hot though.

Bit of a huncher, that one... Still kind of hot though.

This is Jason's favorite new toy. Our new camera has this feature that allows you to pick out a color for it to capture and it turns the rest of the photo black and white.

Ok, I can totally 'splain this. We decided not to get up to the front at this show because of all the squealing girls so I needed my glasses to see. And I don't generally sport band tees when going to see the actual band to which said tee refers. But Jason went to the bathroom and on the way back, he bought this for me on a whim and I thought that was so cute of him that I put it on right then and there. This involved a rather spectacular feat in which I put this one on over my other shirt and then managed to take off the original shirt from underneath the new shirt without (and this is key) showing any naughty bits. I actually got a round of applause from the people around us. Anyhoo, it occurred to me that I prolly looked like a total geek so I decided to strike my geekiest pose.

Aaaaaaaaand I'm back.


Just a Girl said...

I saw him recently and thought he sounded like he either had marbles in his mouth or that he maybe lost all his teeth.

Monique said...

Great pics! I agree he was fab live! ohhhh that effect on your camera is SO great - i love those pics!

andrea said...

I love him! I am glad he was good live - and the taking off the shirt story reminds of middle school way too much, when you were in gym and you didn't want anyone to see you!

Beth said...

Omg, I so want to use that geeky pose all over the world now. Glad you guys had a good time.