Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fashion Passion

This week, I took myself on a date to the National Portrait Gallery to see The Face of Fashion exhibit. It's about fashion photography (which alone, are two of my favorite subjects, so as a combo, fugghedabbouit...) and featured some pretty images and some pretty shocking images. People can say what they want about fashion being for empty-minded label whores but, to me, it's art. And this comes as close to proving my point than anything I've come across so far...

One of my favorites was by Mario Sorrenti of Julienne Moore, perfectly made up and crouched over a smashed mirror on the floor.

And a few by Steven Klein:


The one of Justin has a pretty interesting backstory...This was shot for the cover of a magazine called Homme Plus back in 2001, back when Justin was still a boy-bander. This was the first depiction of him that showed a glimpse of the Justin-to-come - him leaving his N*Sync personna behind. Unfortunately, this issue was scheduled to hit the newsstands on September 12, 2001 so therefore, given his beaten, bloody appearance, not to mention the US flag and the fact that the photo had been burned for effect, it became totally inappropriate and was pulled and destroyed.

I love this series of Madonna (also by Klein). It shows her in, to me, three of her most recognized performance looks. Dominatrix-ish, as in "Justify My Love". Edwardian court dress, a la her MTV Video Awards "Vogue" performance. And the last is slightly reminiscent of her John Galliano cone-underwear period during the Blonde Ambition tour.

All in all, a rather enjoyable afternoon if I do say so myself. I really know how to treat a gal. Maybe next week, I'll take myself out to dinner.

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