Sunday, May 13, 2007

Heather Does Dublin

Tomorrow I'm off to visit my very good bloggy friend Beth. There are two sets of reasons for this visit. The first is just 'cause I want to and Beth is taking me out for high tea, hi-jinks, some theatre, a castle tour and general merry-making. The second is mainly so I can say I've been to one country that Jason hasn't yet. So suck it, J-Dog. (Just kidding. I love you with all my heart and soul and I'll miss you desperately for the one night I'm away. But still... suck it.)

Photos will follow.

Also to come: Pictures from the May Fair in Richmond this past Saturday. There was the crowning of the official May Queen (who was all of about eight years old) and a May Pole dance and.... wait for it... a DOG SHOW. Oh yes, a dog show. In the rain. And a little girl got twisted up in her poodle's leash and fell right down. And one dog kept biting his owner's ankles. And we were positively howling with laughter. All this and more later this week. You stay classy San Diego.

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