Friday, May 25, 2007

News You Can't Use

Back when my friend Catherine visited, she was amazed at our daily "newspapers" which are total rubbish and basically amount to supermarket tabloids. Here's further proof that she was well within her rights to say such things:

Jason and I got on the District line one night last week and found this paper laying in the seat. Front page news this was. A terrier on the lam. This was the best they could do? THIS was the top story of the day??? Sheesh.

Oh, and the "Yard" to which the headline refers? That's SCOTLAND Yard, folks. As in, the top dogs of the police here in London. Clearly, London is a very safe city and there are no murders, robberies, muggings, or ASBO's to deal with. That's why the whole of Scotland Yard is free to roam about my fair city with doggie biscuits in their pockets looking for a Yorkie.

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