Thursday, May 03, 2007

Whoever said the Opera was civilized?

Jason and I went to see Puccini's tragedy "Tosca" last night at the Richmond Theatre. Now, it being the opera and all... and the fact that Richmond is more "old money" than "young credit cards"... we weren't exactly surprised at the demographic. We were pretty much surrounded by seniors and the occasional gay couple.

What DID surprise us was the behavior at half-time/interval/intermission. We just happened to be sitting right by the door to the nearest bar and were among the first up to the counter. All we wanted were a couple of glasses of red. No sooner had Jason pulled his wallet out, than he was surrounded by old ladies clamoring for their gin and tonics. Practically kicking and biting their way to the front. After patiently watching many people being served who got there well after he, the barman was finally close to him and called out "Who's next?" Jason was just about to place our order when from behind him, a little old lady yelled out her order and then promptly said to Jason "You weren't quick enough."

WHAT????? Whatever happened to common courtesy? Who came up with this crazy stereotype that British people are obsessed with queueing?

Not even to mention the one who came back into the theatre after interval, cocktail still in hand, ice rattling, and promptly walked right up to the orchestra (which was at floor level, not in a pit), picked up a drumstick and banged on the tympany drum! Is she barking MAD? Who does that?

We're going again on Friday night to see Aida. I'm expecting more ridiculousness to report.


Beth said...

You'll have to tell Lar-ster how Aida ends since he was "unfortunately" not allowed to see the ending. He will probably still do his impressions for you though... if you're not careful...

Monique said...

oh WOW that's out there!
Nice to have the opera on your doorstep though!

Beth N said...

You're totally right! We saw La Boheme at the ENO, and I was run over at intermission by a five-foot, 80-year old man. I was shocked, for a minute I couldn't believe this was happening in London. He did not, however, proceed to play the drums. That would have at least been redeeming. Sort of.