Monday, June 11, 2007

I got nothin'.

I spent an unnatural amount of time trying to think of a clever title for this post and I got nowhere. Is it possible my clever-ness has run dry? Or was I never clever to begin with? Regardless, here's where the post was supposed to officially start before I found myself too dumb to come up with a title and went on a tirade explaining the lack of a title:

Back from a weekend away and feeling fresh as a daisy. Even though it was rather cloudy for the majority of the weekend, we very much enjoyed doing absolutely nothing but strolling around and occasionally ducking into a pub for a pint. And we antiqued.

We antiqued very well, in fact. Some of you may already know my dirty little secret but I'm coming out of the closet. I collect one of the most old lady-ish things one can possibly collect. Teacups. There. I've said it. In this one shop, there was a beautiful and unusual one that I was drawn to and when I looked at it more closely, I saw it was a good deal more expensive than all the others so I asked why. The lady told me it was because it was by Aynsley, it was a very much sought-after 1931 art deco pattern, and it was in perfect condition. Long story longer, we got home and looked it up. It's worth quite a sum. More than double what we paid. Not that it matters because I have absolutely no intention of selling it. Ever. We also scored a late 1700's Georgian crystal decanter with its original stopper (apparently, this is somewhat rare) and a Victorian crystal perfume bottle. So, it's official. We are those people. The people who turned the noun "antique" into a verb. We antique. Gah.

Always the sign of a train journey well spent. Junk food and multiple games of hangman scribbled in the back of a book. Some of the best ones were "I'm bringin' sexy back" from the category of Pop Culture Catch Phrases which I did for the sole purpose of making Jason say "I'm bringin' sexy back" and "Irony" from the category of Literary Devices which Jason thought he was so clever in doing because it was so abstract but then I guessed "i" as my third letter after the obligatory "a" and "e" and immediately knew it was "Irony" because, well... really, how many 5-letter literary devices that begin with "i" are there anyway?

Our hotel was done up in art deco style. (I'm a titch obsessed with this era as of late...) After three and a half hours on multiple trains, a glass of bubbles in the lounge was mandatory. As you can see, I took no vanities with my appearance. Perhaps I should consider running a brush through my hair and touching up the make-up a bit next time.

Getting ready at the very unusual dressing table.

A bit of sightseeing...

This is the tops of all the market stalls in the central square. Unfortunately, it's mostly rubbish on offer but we did manage to score two excellent cups of coffee.

This building has a checkered past. HA! Get it? Checkered? Oh man, that was a good one. (Whew. I've still got it.)

Then off to the Colman's mustard shop. Norwich (Pronounced Nor-ich, by the way. Drop the "w".) is the official home of Colman's. Just like Winston-Salem, NC is the home of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Except Krispy Kreme doughnuts are good. Unless you like your mustard laced with heaps of wasabi. In that case, I suppose you might think Colman's mustard is good. Like Jason here...

But unlike me here... I like my mustard American-style thankyouverymuch.

Then a pint break at this oddly named pub.

Hee hee.

The spire of the Norwich Cathedral.

And the top of Elm Hill, the antique street.

This is the kind of stuff you get to see when you're an early bird. Taken from the balcony of our room first thing Sunday morning.

At the cathedral.

Do as the British do and enjoy a pint after church. I love that their sign says they're probably the oldest pub in Norwich. It's like they were too lazy to really research it and find out for sure so they said "Hey. Let'sh just say that we're probably the oldesht one. 'Smuch eashier that way, don'cha sthink?"

And last stop was the Plantation Gardens...

...where we enjoyed a spot of tea before heading back home.

The end.


Beth said...

Wow. Literary devices as a hangman category. I feel so juvenile now. Can't wait to see the tea cup!!

Janet said...

I really enjoyed the photo tour -- THANKS!


Aisby said...

"rubbish on offer" - you are becoming so Anglicized

that mustard looks YUMMY

Krispy Kreme....yummy...the ones from the store on Stratford in W-S are always the best

Monique said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend! great pics:)