Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Funny

Le Bon:
Beth and I went to see "La Vie en Rose" this afternoon and it was très magnifique! She was quite a character, that Edith Piaf. Next time you think your life is bad, trust me - hers was way worse.

Le Mauvais:
Elwin, mon plus petit chat, set a new kitty vomit record. He managed to vomit on five, count 'em, FIVE different stairs. I can only imagine he was able to accomplish this by running and puking at the same time. So, while I had the disgusting task of cleaning it all up, I have to give him props for his agility.

Le Menaçant:
This week on The F Word, I accidentally saw a pig being slaughtered. In the same show, Gordon sent his lambs for the slaughter as well and even though Jason made me close my eyes and plug my ears, it still managed to really upset me. To the point of tears and yelling "HOW CAN YOU EAT LAMB?!?! YOU'RE A MONSTER!!!! A MURDERER!!!" at a very unsuspecting Jason. I've been a bit off meat ever since. The thought of it kind of makes me want to make like Elwin, and run n' puke. Fast forward to this afternoon. I'm in the grocery store picking up something for dinner and when I hit the meat aisle, I kind of don't feel so well. In fact, I kind of think I'm going to sick up my lunch right there. Thankfully, I don't. I made it through the checkout process in a light-headed, semi-sickly haze and went straight to Starbucks for a breather.

Le Drôle:
And just so I don't go out on the mental image of me nearly tossing my cookies in the meat aisle... because yes, I am fully aware that The Good, Bad, and Ugly generally come as a trio and not a foursome with The Funny tagging along trying to fit in... Last night on What Not to Wear, Trinny and Susannah were helping a particularly unfortunate soul fight her way out of fashion hell and the lady tried on one of her own favorite outfits for Trinny and Suz to critique rip apart. It was a solid black skirt sack with a solid yellow shirt tent and she says "I was told black and yellow go perfectly together." And Susannah goes, "By whom, a leopard?" I don't know why but this was uproariously funny to me. I did one of those BLAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! numbers. You know when something funny catches you by surprise and you laugh way too loud and fairly obnoxiously because the sensible section of your brain didn't have time to catch up with your mouth? Mmm-hmm. One of those.


Beth said...

Right before the leopard comment I said Oh God, the woman looks like a bee! Then I had to say touche to Susannah because her animal is much more chic! Hope your feeling better.

Monique said...

I agree! The F word was sickening this week - put me off meat a bit too - I so didn't need to see that :(