Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend in a Nutshell

Everyone (and by everyone, I mean no one) will be shocked to know that I pounced on an excuse to take afternoon tea with my aforementioned fellow 27613-dweller on Friday. This time, the scene of the crime was The Parlour at Sketch. My review is this:

Food was excellent. Atmosphere was half-and-half. I loved the mismatched china and the design on the tabletops and some other general decor choices. However, I was a bit dissapointed that it wasn't a more traditional tea room and that they allow SMOKING. Yes, SMOKING. I mean, eeeewwwww! Halfway through, this couple sat down at the table next to us and proceeded to chain-smoke the entire time. We tried discreetly fanning the air in front of our faces as though we were hot. We tried mouth breathing. We tried blowing the smoke away. All to no avail. That would not fly at The Ritz or at Fortnum & Mason. At least the smoking ban goes into effect less than one month from now. I'll be so glad to be able to go to a pub or anywhere for that matter and not leave with a sore throat and smelling like I rolled around in an ashtray.

My companion, whose entire outfit I coveted, from the vintage necklace right down to the gorgeous BCBG shoes. Well played!

Jason and I spent the gorgeous day lounging on Richmond Green to watch cricket and then strolling around the gardens on Richmond Hill. Then we came to this sign, which cracked us both up. Who's gonna stop me? The game police?? They're gonna toss me into Candyland jail? Or maybe Hi-Ho Cherry-O prison?

So ha ha! Take THAT, suckas! I'm playing a riveting game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and you can't do a thing about it!

Sunday was another perfect day so we did as any good Londoner would do and stayed outside as long as possible. I put on my best "sunny afternoon in the country" dress and we found the perfect spot under a huge shady tree and camped out for the whole afternoon. We even got ourselves a spot of afternoon tea from the cafe. A pastel gingham shirtdress just screams "pastoral, bucolic scene" don't you think?


Beth said...

Oooh, I'm loving both of these dresses! Unfortunately shirt dress tend to look like flour sacks on me, but so cute on you.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Fashion Guru,

I am very late in sending you a picture of my aforementioned DVF dress as I am hopeless at working our digital camera. I know, its not rocket science. I plan to tackle it soon.

However, I wanted to let you know that I wore said dress for some evening cocktails we were having at the Hempel (which is a divine little hotel with the only Japanese Garden on London) which is around the corner from where we live. AND, my husband came up with the perfect shoe solution. You see, the dress is basically a purple and white pattern. I don't have any white shoes or sandals. So I thought I'd with the strappiest pair of sandals I have which are black but which are so strappy you see mostly feet and not sandals. But my husband, upon inspecting my outfit (and my asking him what he thought of the footwear choice), said: "Why don't you wear your nude Lanvin pumps." I kid you not, he said it exactly like that. First of all, I forgot all about those shoes because they have such high heels that I don't immediately think of wearing them. Second of all, I think they were perfect for the dress as they are basically my skin color so it was a perfect neutral shoe to wear.

Phew. But I still plan on sending you a picture to see what you think!

Oh, and is that a DFV that your friend is wearing in your latest post? If so, very well done to her for wearing it with no tank underneath and looking so classy doing it. :)

Heather said...

Beth, I think it might look like a flour sack on me too but I forged ahead anyway. Jason assured me it didn't but I wasn't so sure.

Anonymous, I patiently await photographic evidence of your husband's ability to accessorize. I'm VERY impressed at the "nude Lanvin pumps" comment. Jason would have likely said "skin colored expensive shoes". You've trained him well!

I'm not sure if it's a DVF or not. But, either way, she's rocking it, eh?!