Tuesday, July 17, 2007

All action and no blog

Oh. Mah. Gawd.

I'm bloody knackered. And apparently, very British all the sudden. For those not in the know, knackered = tired. And bloody is a word I can use in the presence of Americans when I don't want them to know I'm swearing. Americans usually think it's a cute little British word that one uses to signify they're "very" something. It's really a nasty word here. The secret's out.

Anyhoo, the point is that I'm tired. And I have lots to blog but no will to blog it. From game night (I use the word "night" loosely since it was technically "morning" when we left) at the Nori's, to my day spent pounding the pavement of multiple London boroughs in 4-inch wedges yesterday, to visiting London's only "girls only luxury toilet and powder room", to seeing Dirty Dancing live and on stage in the West End, to Jason making my entire day at roughly midnight last night by telling me there was a jar of Skippy peanut butter on the kitchen counter when I announced I was hungry just as we switched off the bedroom lamp.


Steph said...

yum. peanut butter.

get some rest; its good for you.

Aisby said...

It always shocks me that peanut butter is such a rare commodity across the pond.

Beth said...

Oh Skippy. Sweet!

Nora said...

OK - enough of me lurking. I have been reading your blog daily for a couple of months now and rather than me feel like a nutter for doing this without introducing myself, I will say hello instead and 'delurk' myself. Why now? Well, because I want to know how Dirty Dancing was! I was in London in August of last year and wanted so badly to see it, but it wasn't out yet (much to my husband's relief!) Anyhoo - when you're less tired, I want to read all about it!


Monique said...

ohhhhh skippy - yummmmm

Heather said...

Nora - Welcome! :) I'll post my thoughts on DD tomorrow but Monique (below your comment) has an in depth review up on her blog already!