Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Carolina waits for me. And waits. And keeps waiting.

I was thisclose to going back to Nawth Caralinah for a visit. So close that I told two of my friends that I was actually coming and that I would let them know as soon as I officially booked the ticket. I was so convinced I was going that I had already started making my list of stuff to buy while I was there.

New jeans to replace ones my esthetician spilled wax on and ruined
A copy of the Marie Antoinette DVD
Nip/Tuck Season 3 on DVD
Knickers from GapBody
Lint rollers from Target
etc, etc, etc...

You've likely figured out from the tone of this post that it didn't work out. So instead of packing and working on my shopping list and dreaming about wearing actual summer clothes and sitting in the chair at Tommy's while he works his magic on my hair, I've resigned myself to listening to my "Homesick" playlist on iTunes and moping about in my Oscar the Grouch t-shirt.

I'm not sure why I've been homesick lately. Despite all the great things about living here, I've had some rough city days lately. Rude people, missed trains, wrong buses, blistered feet... Compound those with the facts that A. there's something so very wrong about having to wear long sleeves or a jacket and carry an umbrella every bloody day in JULY and B. that I needed new earbuds for my iPod (more on that another day) but I wasn't allowed (read: Jason didn't feel comfortable with) to go to the Mac store in Central London last week because of the flurry of terrorist activity and maybe that's your answer.

So, in case you're in the mood to feel homesick too, here're the songs I recommend. Obviously, some of these only work if you're from the South, or in some cases, specifically NC. Either way, its good music, homesick or not.

Oh My Sweet Carolina by Ryan Adams
Home by Michael Buble
Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor
Southern Girl by Better Than Ezra
America Town by Five for Fighting
Carolina by Josh Rouse
Bright Lights by Matchbox Twenty
I'll Fly Away by Alison Krauss
These Streets by Paolo Nutini
When Will You Come Back Home by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals
An American Girl by Tom Petty
Carolina (Waits for Me) by Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service)

It must be a great place if so many people are singin' about it, eh?


andrea said...

Okay, even if they aren't your style, you need to add Southland in the Springtime by Indigo Girls to that list. Trust me, it is a great homesick for the South song!

I know how you feel, I can't believe how long it will be till I am back in the good old South, and some days it just seems too far away.

Beth N said...

Dare I say that part of it is due to the lack of sunshine over the past 2 months? I've been feeling simlarly. I hope it passes soon. At least you have cool songs to remind you of home. Have you EVER heard a song about Connecticut?!?

Aisby said...

Sorry you're homesick Heather. When I get "homesick" for N.C. I always sing Sweet Winds Blowing (Goin' back to Carolina, Bless my soul, bless my soul)!

Steph said...

Have I told you that I'm from Charlotte?

I heart your playlist.

I also heart North Carolina. I just went to the Outer Banks, but my little beach vacations are never really enough to make the homesickness go away. I just want to stay forever when I'm there. I feel you and your frustrations with living in a Mediterranean climate..I mean...I live in San Francisco, but we might as well be living in England with the psycho summer weather. :)

Heather said...

Andrea - I actually love the Indigo Girls. You forget I was once a major hippy... I'm going to download that one!

Beth - You make an excellent point. Maybe you should move to NC when you move back to the US. People are forever writing songs about it. I'm sure Connecticut's nice and all but... ;-)

Aisby - I think Jason's going to have a sing-along on his hands!

Steph - I knew you have some connection to NC from reading your blog but I didn't know what it was... Funny enough, I have a loose connection to the San Fran/Palo Alto area. We "lived" there for 3 months when Jason was on a project there (and I just happened to be workng for a Silicon Valley company that let me work from the West Coast office for a while). I absolutely LOVE Northern California. We spent all our weekends driving all around there - Monteray, Carmel, Napa, Sonoma, SF, Sausalito, ...

Sara said...

I'm sorry you are missing home, the rainy weather sucks :( I have a similar list of songs about Cali, another state people like to write about, so Beth you could consider that also. And I commend you on your love for Nor Cal (by far the better half of the state), I'm taking The Husband to Monteray with my parents on a short side trip this fall.

Beth said...

Stick "Feels Like Home to Me" by Chantal Kreviauk on there too - that one always gets me bawling. Sorry about the homesickness, if I were with you I'd bring over brownie mix and watch Felicity for hours, or at least until we could laugh at her for cutting off all of her gorgeous hair!

Melissa said...

Now I'm missing NC, to listen to some James Taylor.