Thursday, July 19, 2007

Luxury toilets and other girly things

On Monday, I left the flat at 9:00 am and returned at approximately 11:45 pm. I had an event with my volunteer group from 10:00 till noon at the National Portrait Gallery and I had to meet the girls at 6:00 at Covent Garden for pre-theatre dinner. As much as I love living in Richmond, it does kind of suck just a little bit that it's far enough out that there was no point in going all the way back home from Central London, only to turn around and go back to Central a couple of hours later.

However, I decided to make the best of it and have my favorite lunch in all of London - the club sandwich (hold the meat, add cheese) at Laduree at Harrod's. I also may or may not have hit up every upscale department store in the city - Harvey Nics, Harrod's, and Selfridges. I can neither confirm nor deny this.

I also took the opportunity to visit WC1 so I could freshen up after walking god only knows how many hundreds of miles in four inch wedges through Piccadilly, Oxford Street, the West End and Knightsbridge. For five quid, you get your own little changing room (pictured below). Mine was stocked with a feather boa, a wand, and several tiaras just in case I got a hankering to play dress up.

After I had pranced around the room draped in feathers and plastic princess gear, waving my wand at my imaginary royal subjects re-applied my make up and run a brush through my hair, I set off to meet Monique, Monique's sister-in-law, and Andrea for dinner and then Dirty Dancing. The show, not the actual act of dirty dancing. Just to clarify.

With the exception of the guy who played Johnny, it was pretty good. The main thing we all agreed that we hated was that they added a whole campfire scene that revolved around the civil rights movement and some annoying girl singing "We Shall Overcome". Ummm, weird. It just seemed so awkward and out of place. Monique has a much more in-depth review at her blog if you're interested...


A Novelist said...

Four inch wedges are totally in and worth risking injury to your feet. I bet you look fabulously chic wearing them! ;)

Aisby said...

Wow, I want to go to a luxury toilet and powder room complete with feather boa and wand.

Hey, don't get mad, I tagged you for a fun meme.

Steph said...

LOVE the mental image of you prancing with the boa and tiara in the fancy wc. Hilarious.

Sooo....Dirty Dancing....I think I'll have to pass on that one if it comes to SF.

Beth said...

As much as I like a good campfire sing-a-long, I don't really want to experience one in the middle of Dirty Dancing!

Monique said...

Ohhhh I heard about that changing room thing - looks cool! How fun!