Friday, July 13, 2007

Overheard at the breakfast table

Jason: Can you make sure you add "xyz item" to your To Do list for this week?
Heather: Well, see all these little items? All those together are part of xyz item. So it's there. It's just silent. Like the X in xylophone.
Jason: The X in xylophone isn't silent. It's just pronounced like a Z.
Heather: Oh right. Well, just trust me. It's there.
Jason: Well, I just think that if it's not on the list explicitly, you won't remember.
Heather: Look. You and I are different creatures. You think big picture. You want this one major thing on the list. I think details. So I like to write down all the tiny things that have to get done in order for the big thing to get done. Example. I need to build a house. I don't write "build house" on my list. I write "buy nails", "buy wood", "buy hammer", etc... Get it? So leave me and my list be and just trust me that it'll get done.
Jason: Ok. Pause. So, are you going to put it on the list or not?
Heather: I give up.

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Beth said...

Jason, just remember that the more things you put ON the list the more fun you get to have crossing them off!