Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"We dogged 'em y'all"

Since Rino was totally doggin' on my Southen accent Saturday night, I figured I'd really give him something to talk about and use the title he predicted I'd use. What the title refers to is the fact that, indeed, the girls did kick the boys' butts at the Catch Phrase Best of Seven Series. Or as Beth put it "Girls Rule and Boys Drool". And here's photographic proof:

So intense. You'd think we were discussing how to end world warfare.

He's looking awfully happy considering his team's token is soooooo far behind ours.

The winning team, somewhat worse for the wear. Please keep in mind it was after 1:00 am. Katy, Beth, and Me.

I'd also like to make a point of letting everyone know that the boys went out on the word "innocent" and the clues being given by one of them were as follows: "Little girls! Little girls, they don't know! You know, they just don't know! The little girls!" Maybe next time, try "If I'm guilty, I'm not blank" or "Blank until proven guilty". Just sayin'...

However, between the actual clue itself and the desperation with which it was yelled, that goes down as the all time funniest Catch Phrase clue EVER given. Mad props.


Sara said...

"Girls Rule and Boys Drool" - i love it
I've also been known to dance around the house singing the "anything you can do I can do better" song to The Husband.

Beth said...

Loving that you won, but loving even more that scarf you've got so nicely wrapped around your neck!

Aisby said...

Oh, I can get quite competitive with games, especially Trivial Pursuit.

Rino said...


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