Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend of Randomness! Scrabble! Live Earth! Polo! I'm tired!

It has truly been the weekend of randomness. It was like I was three different people.

Friday night, we went out to dinner at the Troubador with Beth and Rino and then back to theirs for wine and Scrabble. I can't say I recommend the combination if you're looking to rule the Scrabble board, but if you're in it for two and three letter words and misspellings that no one catches, then by all means, party on!

The Troubador has the cutest non-smoking signs I've seen anywhere since England went smoke free.

By the looks of this board, you'd think it was the 2nd grade Scrabble championship. Alas, no. Notice what Jason tried to pass off as "sweat"? What makes it even funnier is the fact that he was building on "wheat", which he had put down earlier. Sweat and wheat don't even make the same sound! I don't know what's worse - that he did it or that we didn't catch it. I blame the vino.

Can you blame me? This is what I was working with. Anybody know of any words that are made up entirely of vowels? Anyone??

We made it back home around 1:00 am which is far too late for a 30 and 31 year old. Especially considering we had a NINE HOUR concert to attend on Saturday.

Live Earth highlights included:
Arriving just in time to miss Genesis.
The lead singer of Snow Patrol looking so genuinely chuffed to see a gazillion people singing his song.
David Gray and Damien Rice doing a duet of "Que Sera Sera".
Paolo Nutini speaking clearly enough to be understood.
The lead singer of Keane running all over the place and generally owning that motherf**king stage.
The Beastie Boys absolutely killing it and looking like the coolest 40 year olds on the planet.
Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters surprising absolutely no one except me and giving the best performance of the whole show.
Madonna doing what Madonna does - reminding everyone that 49 is the new 25.

Live Earth lowlights included:
Arriving just in time to watch Razorlight's lead singer prance about in a women's top and far-too-tight britches.
John Legend boring us all to tears with his snooze-fest of a song.
Corrine Bailey Rae looking a bit too affected and "not bothered" for my taste, considering she's something of a one-hit wonder.
Metallica giving me a headache.
The Justin rumor was just that - a rumor. Boo.

Let us not forget what the day was really all about.

Tom Chaplin of Keane

One of the many plastic cup towers that were built throughout the day.



Was I lying about the Beastie Boys??

B-E-A-S-T-I-E. What up, Mike-D? Ah yeah, that's me.

K-I-N-G-A-D whammy. All the fly ladies are on my jammy.

MCA, get on the mike my man.

If you try to knock me you'll get mocked. I'll stir fry you in my wok.

The massive crowd.

I'll be honest - I like the Foo Fighters and all but I didn't really consider myself a "fan" and I certainly didn't have my knickers all in a twist about seeing them live. But they freaking killed it.

Does anybody happen to know whether he wrote "Best of You" for or in memory of Kurt Cobain? Before he sang it, he said "This is for you know who." and after reading the lyrics, I just wonder if that's who he meant...

I can now check "be called a bitch or a motherfucker by Madonna" off my life's to do list. She did not disappoint. Before "Ray of Light" she yelled ""If you want to save the planet I want you to start jumping up and down. Come on motherfuckers!" And, by the way, I may be willing to sign away my soul to have legs like hers at 49.

The famous Wembley arch. Oddly enough, we can see this from our bedroom window when it's lit up.

We got home sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 AM and slept till 11:30 yesterday! I haven't slept that late since college. Clearly, old age is catching up with me.

Then we met up with Monique and Murray for pub lunch and polo. Spectatoring, not playing. Just in case there was any confusion.

Giddy up!

Replacing the divots, I felt just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole hooker thing... Except that dress makes me look a little pregnant. But, gah - is it ever comfy.

You'd never know this was posed, huh?

I think Murray is a bad influence on Jason. Next thing I know, Jason'll come home with an $800 lens for our $450 camera.

I need a nap.


Beth said...

Gotta love the Keane boys! I also love the way that guy is looking at you taking pictures of yourselves. He obviously wanted in!

Rino said...


Monique said...

We were not posing! Ok, maybe :)
Great Live Earth pics!!!