Saturday, August 04, 2007

Country roads, take me home

Jason and I are back in Raleigh now, after spending a few days visiting my family. The good news is that we got to stay in the most adorable bed & breakfast in a tiny little township called Rockford instead of the Courtyard Marriott in Winston Salem.

It's an Antebellum house that sits on a vineyard. The area where I grew up used to have acre after acre of tobacco fields but now that that industry is on the decline, many of them have been replaced by vineyards and winerys. Ironic considering it was a dry county when I was growing up and any form of alcohol was pretty much considered the devil's juice. Anyway, I think it's great the the area is revitalizing itself and the region (Yadkin Valley Wine Region) is getting some props. Since we were pretty busy getting around to visit my grandparents and spending a lot of time with my grandpa who's sick, we weren't able to hit up any of the winerys around the B & B for tastings. Maybe next time...

Anyway, here's a few pics of the B & B and of Rockford...

By no means incorporated. Just so there's no confusion.

I love the simple street names. None of this subdivision-y "Winding Creek Way" (when there's nary a creek to be found) or "Mountain Vista Court" (ain't nobody seein' no mountains when your neighbor's house is a mere foot and a half from your own) business.

This was hanging on the back porch and Jason and I thought it was hilarious. If you can't read it, click on the photo to enlarge.

Jason inspects the vines and determines that while they are lovely as is, we prefer them in fermented format.

The view from the back porch where we relaxed with a bottle of vino.

The view from our bedroom window overlooking the vineyard. It's easy to be a morning person when this is what you wake up to.

The nearby train tracks the run alongside the Yadkin River.

My dad used to bring me here to the country store when I was little to get rock candy.

They still have the rock candy but my pallete has matured over the years. I now prefer a nice Sour Patch Kid or tasty Lemon Drop. Then perhaps a delectable chocolate covered pretzel for dessert. Afterwards, I unwind with a candy cigarette. (Who knew they still even made those!?!?!?)

One night we went to dinner with my parents at this place called The Depot at Cody Creek. Now, when I was a kid, this was a water park. A water. park. Now it's a whole complex with a nice restaurant, a country store, a gazebo with a fountain, and a hotel under construction. I'm not really sure how you turn a water park into something like this but I imagine it took a lot of planning.

The water wheel outside the store.

The covered bridge that goes over the creek.

And I'll leave you with this...

Lest any of you don't know just how much "in the country" I grew up (that is, if the whole dry county thing didn't already seal the deal for you) this is what we spotted in the soybean field in front of my parents' house. And that's my aunt's pig.

Y'all go ahead and pick yourselves up off the floor and try to stop laughing now. I've got to run. That sweet iced tea sure ain't gonna drink itself.


Susan said...

How lovely! When I get down to NC, I rarely see much beyond my parents' neighborhood. It would be fun to see what our former tobacco fields now have to offer. Random question...did you ever go to the Hillbilly Hideaway in Stokes County (near Walnut Cove and Belews Creek) as a kid?

Beth said...

Ok, we need to do switchies. I'm coming to visit you and having a candy cigarette, and then you come to Cape Cod with me and have a candy lipstick.

andrea said...

The pig is the best part of this entry!

I hope your grandpa is doing better.

Have fun in the land of a/c, Target and Chick Fil A!

Melissa said...

Wow, I haven't checked here in a while and when I do, you have pictures of HOME! I miss Rockford-isn't it strange without the low water bridge?? The Depot blows my mind, too. I miss Cody Creek!

Monique said...

Ha ha I LOVE the rope sign - too cute:) Glad you are having a good time and able to spend some time with your family!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I need to check more often. I had no idea you guys were home.

Sorry to hear about your granddad. Hope all is well. Drop me a line when you get a chance.

Take care.

Bil with one L--easier to sign on as anonymous.

P.S. I left S&R.

P.S.S. Have a great time in the NC. Say hey to Jason. When are you headed back to the UK?